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UPSers Doing More

Spreading Cheer to Those Who Need it Most

For many people around the world, the holiday season can be especially exciting. The same rings true for our hardworking UPSers, who work around the clock to make the holidays extra special. We consider it an honor and a privilege to deliver so many important packages. For years, we’ve spread some additional goodwill and inspiration with our Wishes Delivered campaign. Whether it’s bow ties and care packages to families in need, or free mom hugs in a box, UPS is proud to step up and support these valuable causes.

Delivering Mom Hugs

When Sara’s son came out to her, she turned her fear and insecurity into support and love by founding Free Mom Hugs. Its mission is to give people in the LGBTQ+ community some motherly love. Attending pride festivals, Sara would offer hugs to anyone that wanted one. But when the pandemic hit, Sara couldn’t give hugs anymore. So, instead of giving them, she started sending them as care packages. Sara’s wish was to give a Free Mom Hugs care package to everyone that needed one and we made that dream come true. Watch to learn more.

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Small Businessman, Big Heart

Treandos started his own bow tie company after he was inspired by seeing his dad wearing them. The business wasn’t just about fashion though; it was about making people feel good and confident, making a positive change in his community and helping those suffering from food insecurity. First, Treandos and his younger brother Noah delivered bow ties to UPS drivers at the UPS hub in Atlanta. But what he didn’t know was he was about to get a very special delivery: a UPS truck filled with food and toys to be donated in his name to United Food Force. And, of course, the confidence that comes from knowing you don’t have to be a grownup to make a difference. Watch to learn more.

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