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What Glassdoor Reviews Reveal About Working at UPS

We can talk about what it’s like to work at UPS, the culture, the benefits and the perks, but rather than us tell you, we thought we’d turn it over to our employees. We’ve compiled Glassdoor reviews that tell the story of what it’s like to work at UPS. Here are the reasons they’ve chosen UPS as their employer.

Benefits & Work-Life Balance

“I am grateful for the standard of living UPS has afforded me and my family. With 27 years of service, I now get 6 weeks’ vacation, 8 sick days, and 9 paid holidays. We work hard like many people in the workforce, but we are well compensated.” – Delivery Driver in Auburn, ME

Part-Time Perks

“Even though I was only a part-time temporary employee, I was treated with respect. I was asked whether I liked what I was doing, where I was working, and who I was working with. I was taught the position even though I was only a temporary seasonal employee.” – Seasonal Driver Helper in Horsham, PA

Opportunities for Growth

“The culture of the company allows you to fail without the worry of losing your job. They truly want their employees to succeed.” – Account Executive

Unique Work Experiences

“You get great exercise while working outdoors. I feel like I'm in great shape, meeting people at different businesses and residential houses.” – Seasonal Driver Helper in La Puente, CA


What will be your reason for choosing UPS? Explore our career opportunities to start on your UPS journey.