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Transitional Learning Center (TLC)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TLC?

The goal for the Transitional Learning Center is to produce qualified job candidates for the UPS Package Handler position. Through the successful completion of the two-week, hands-on program, trainees who demonstrate all job requirements and meet other hiring criteria are eligible to become UPS employees. Our classroom instructors have over 20 years of experience with UPS and have the capabilities to help our trainees succeed within a variety of learning styles.

What does a typical training day look like?

Our 4 hour training day includes:

Team building
Safe work methods
Proper training for all procedures and tasks
Soft skills discussions—handling stress, constructive criticism, hygiene, attendance, ect.
Hands-on practice of Package Handing jobs available

Where will participates be working?

The UPS trainers along with the trainees will determine the best job placement for the trainee based on their skills, interest, and demonstrated abilities. If the trainee does not get hired on as a UPS employee they will have learned transferable skills from the TLC that can be utilized in other fields of employment.

Is there any transportation provided?

This program will not provide transportation to or from the UPS facility. If you need to ride TARC 3 you can go to to fill out the application to determine eligibility. The cost is $3 per ride. This is a lengthy process.

What is the pay rate and hours?

The pay rate is $14.00 and the hours are about four to five hours per shift in a five-day work week, but will depend on the needs of the operation each day. SSI/SSDI benefits may be affected.

How to get started? 

If interested, the first step is to reach out to our partners at Options Unlimited, who are employment specialists that are trained in working with learning disabilities and work closely with UPS.

Students can reach out to Michelle Ramsey, Employment Specialist with Option Unlimited/UPS, at 502-600-0095 or 

Non-students can reach out to Libby Gootee, Program Coordinator with Option Unlimited/UPS, at 502-889-7823 or