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Transitional Learning Center

What does successful workplace inclusion for people with disabilities look like? An innovative program at Worldport is game-changing, reframing disability inclusion not only as social responsibility but also as a means of meeting strategic business needs. The UPS Transitional Learning Center (TLC) is a cooperative effort between UPS and the Coalition for Workforce Diversity (via Options Unlimited, Inc.) to allow people with disabilities—who are sourced through the Coalition—to experience UPS jobs through hands-on training. UPS Worldport and its Transitional Learning Center are playing an important role in advancing innovative solutions for connecting people with disabilities to meaningful employment. The TLC offers a two-week, pre-employment paid training program that is staffed and operated by UPS training supervisors as well as Options Unlimited job coaches. The two-week program uses both classroom training and a simulated work environment to teach participants about job responsibilities, safety procedures, and soft skills. The TLC program includes a full simulation of the Worldport package handling facility, providing participants with invaluable hands-on practice.

UPS Transitional learning program

Our Culture

The Worldport culture of inclusion stems from a foundation of teamwork and integrity that permeates all business practices. With a culture that supports and celebrates all team members, people with disabilities are poised for success. The TLC has been instrumental in building on this culture of inclusion, and curating inclusive practices for people with disabilities through leadership support, training, and, above all, passion. 

A Typical Four-Hour Day in TLC Includes:

  • Team building exercises
  • Safe work methods
  • Proper training for all procedures and tasks that will be required of the job
  • Daily soft skills discussions and hands-on practice of available jobs
UPS Transitional learning program

"The UPS Training Center allows people with disabilities to come in at their pace, develop, and acquire the skills they need to be successful."

Todd Coffey, UPS Training Manager

How It Works

Options Unlimited

Options Unlimited receives referrals from the Kentucky Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, Social Security Ticket to Work, and Department for the Blind to provide these services at no cost to the clients. They provide a variety of services and supports to individuals so that they may achieve their desired vocational goals.

Supported Employee Process

Individuals would begin the Supported Employee process at the assessment and planning stage. During this time they will look at the individual’s interests and skills and match them to a potential employer through job development. On-the-job training and coaching is a support that is offered to ensure the success of the individuals in the Supported Employee Program.

Completing an Application

If the Employment Specialist felt like UPS would be a good fit for their client, they would help the client complete an application, prepare for the interview, and attend the job interview with the client. UPS would complete the steps of the interview which could include running a background, submitting fingerprints, and submitting a drug screen. If the client was hired, they would be given a start date.


During the first two weeks of training, the employee would complete both classroom and hands-on experience. UPS has created a full simulation of Worldport to teach participants about job responsibilities, safety procedures, and soft skills.


Once the two weeks training concludes, there is a seamless transition into the operation. Staff members continue to support TLC graduates as they transition into the workplace by providing information to the graduates’ new supervisors on learning needs and working style. Just as importantly, TLC graduates are able to return to future TLC classes to share their experiences and become mentors to current TLC participants.  

Visit the Options Unlimited website for more information.
Options Unlimited Employment Specialist & UPS TLC Training Coordinator: Libby Gootee

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