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What It Means to Be a Veteran Working at UPS

When asked who would be the biggest competitor in the push to hire veterans, UPS veteran affairs manager Pat O’Leary said, “Any company that has an outreach to veterans I view as a partner. It is critical that companies hire veterans; they are great employees.”

At UPS, the need to hire veteran employees is considered top priority. We make a commitment to seek out veterans that would be a great fit for our culture. In fact, in April 2014, UPS set a goal to hire 50,000 veterans and has exceeded that goal, hiring 51,135 veteran employees by the end of September 2016.

“We strive to be a company that values the men and women that protect and defend our country by serving in the military,” said Pat.  



After completing their service, veterans are looking for a place where their skills are valued in a role that aligns with their continuing aspirations. Veterans who are hoping to finish school or are looking for a full-time career can find their niche at UPS. New employees have access to everything from tuition assistance programs to long-term care insurance plus a long list of benefits tailored to their needs. Explore the benefits available for veterans here

Pat is among many veteran employees who draw similarities between their experience in the military and the work environment at UPS. “The relationships I developed in the military have helped with my success at UPS. In the military you learned how to function in a very diverse environment with people with a variety of backgrounds in a very challenging environment. I learned a lot from the men and women I served with,” said Pat. Veterans’ knack for adapting in a diverse atmosphere is exactly why they find themselves translating their skills at UPS after their service. “Veterans know how to effectively deal with challenges and how to get a group of very different people all headed in the correct direction. Employees that have served in the military have always contributed to the success of UPS,” said Pat.

As a recognized military-friendly organization, UPS provides veteran employees with several opportunities to interact with other vets through volunteering, apprenticeship programs and support groups. From receiving guidance from a mentor to participating in a volunteer effort that gives back to local veterans, there are countless ways veteran employees can receive and offer support. Learn more about the Registered Apprentice program in partnership with the United States Department of Labor.



Being able to connect with other veterans is essential for growth in a transition into a civilian life. It’s important our veteran employees have a support system and have opportunities to continue giving back to their community. Pat’s most rewarding moment in his career at UPS was when he was able to make a positive impact on a particular veteran and his family. “Recently I received an email from a veteran I helped find a position in the automotive function about four years ago. He told me that since leaving the Marines and joining UPS, he has had two more kids and has recently bought 20 acres of land and is building a house. He even sent me some pictures of his kids. That email made my day … my month!” said Pat.

“Veterans are drawn to UPS for a variety of reasons. It could be our reputation as a company that values what they did in the military or it could be our pay and benefits. We have a great ‘package’ that is attractive to veterans,” said Pat.

Our exemplary veteran employees set the bar for our other employees and continue to make a difference in our operations. We are committed to cultivating a positive environment where veterans are inspired and prepared to get on a career path that celebrates their individual talents. Transitioning into a civilian career is anything but simple, but following a career path at UPS helps make the transition seamless. Take a look at the available positions at UPS, and take advantage of all the resources UPS has to offer our veteran employees.