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Master All the Tech

When you work at UPS, the opportunities—for growth, for mastering your craft, for building something special—are nearly unlimited. We’re a global network of movement, and we are creating unique and exciting professional pathways for people just like you, all around the world. Find out what you’ll become at UPS.

Make Smarter Moves

As an Automotive Technician, your road ahead includes working on a state-of-the-art fleet that includes propane vehicles for rural routes, ethanol vehicles for city center trips, electricity-assisted tricycles such as Cargo Cruisers and more. 

UPS Master Technicians

UPSers Vic Valentin and Joe Gonsalves are aircraft maintenance technicians. Vic works in Honolulu, Hawaii, and Joe in Long Beach, California. Both have been honing their craft for 50 years.

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