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Grow in Phoenix.

Interested in taking on a new and exciting endeavor in Phoenix? UPS’ Phoenix office is home to one of three sites for our team of Inside Sales Representatives. Join our diverse team of Sales professionals as they serve as consultants and trusted advisors, delivering cutting-edge innovation and expertise to customers and entrepreneurs around the nation.

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Quick Facts


Nearly 1.5 million call Phoenix home, and it’s currently the sixth most populous city in the country


Phoenix has a desert climate with hot summers and short, mild winters. The average temperature in January is 67 degrees, while the average high in July is a dry 106 degrees.

Culture & Attractions

For those interested in city life, Phoenix is home to a rich culture. The arts scene in this city is unique and flourishing. Visit the Phoenix Theater or the award-winning Arizona Broadway Theater in nearby Peoria for a one-of-a-kind experience. If you’re looking to gain some knowledge, the Arizona Capitol Museum and the Phoenix Art Museum are the ideal places to be.

Are you a sports fan? Phoenix is a utopia. With the Suns (NBA), Coyotes (NHL), Diamondbacks (MLB), and Cardinals (NFL) all in the area, there are exciting events to attend year-round. In spring, MLB fans can cheer on the 15 MLB teams in town for spring training! Fan of college sports? Cheer on the many ASU sports teams year-round, as well.


Valley Metro offers most public transportation needs throughout the city of Phoenix through its buses, trains, and ride-share program; and the future of it is even brighter with an additional 30 miles of track to be added over the next decade.

In the Office

Join our team of Sales professionals in the Phoenix office and you’ll find yourself part of a collaborative and enthusiastic group, always willing to brainstorm to solve a customer problem or help you work through a challenge. Eager to explore Phoenix? Our team truly understands the importance of work-life balance, so start imagining what hobbies and activities you’ll get into next. Our sales professionals are a diverse team of experts who deliver innovative solutions to help UPS expand. We’ll provide you with the foundation to support your professional growth—all you need is the dedication to build on top of it.

Phoenix, AZ

See what’s happening in Phoenix, AZ

For the more adventurous, Phoenix is an outdoors paradise. For hikers and climbers, the city and the surrounding area have a myriad of activities. With the neighboring Sonoran Desert, you’ll be able to see landscapes unlike any other in the country. You can hike through nearly 50 miles of trails at the South Mountain Park and Preserve (one of the biggest of its kind). And, if you like to work with your hands when outdoors, visit Camelback Mountain, a climber’s haven. With one of the largest and most scenic accesses to nature, Greater Phoenix is the perfect place for those who love to soak up the sun.

Area surrounding Phoenix

And beyond Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix is a short drive from outdoors-centric Tucson, home to Saguaro National Park, Mount Lemon, amazing skydiving opportunities, and Trail Dust Town (an Old Western experience).

Fan of spontaneous road trips? Visit nearby Scottsdale, which is full of year-round events and marquee sight-seeing. Visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s home, check out the regional art at the Scottsdale Museum of the West, and check out the weekly walking tour of Fifth Avenue, ArtWalk.

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