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Part-time Jobs in Earth City, Missouri - available now at UPS

Looking for part-time jobs near Earth City, MO? UPS is hiring for part-time warehouse jobs near you! We offer flexible part-time jobs (perfect for students) with no experience required, including warehouse worker, personal vehicle driver and driver helper positions. Check out the information below to browse open jobs, sign up for job alerts and learn more about working at UPS in the St. Louis area.

Do you live in the St. Louis metro area? Check out the information below to find your average commute to our facility. 

City  Commute
Maryland Heights 7 miles
Florissant 11 miles
Ferguson 12 miles
St. Peters 13 miles
St. Louis 25 miles

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about working at UPS

Do I need to have experience to apply?

You don't need to have experience to work at UPS. No experience is required for our warehouse worker, driver helper or personal vehicle driver jobs.

Is it easy to get hired at UPS?

It is easy to get hired at UPS. You can get hired in 25 minutes online for Package Handler and Driver Helper jobs. No interview required - just select a job, fill out an application and show up on your first day!

Is UPS a good first job?

UPS is a great place to work for students. Our flexible part time package handler jobs are great for students. We also provide tuition reimbursement – click here to learn more about our Earn and Learn program.