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Rising in the face of disasteR


Shipped What?

Army hospital

Shipped Where?

Reno, Nevada to New Orleans

Shipped How?

To arrive overnight

In times of emergency, every second counts. Over the years, UPSers have proved themselves to rise to the occasion in these moments. In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, UPS was called on to transport an army hospital across the country—as quickly as possible. The shipment included hundreds of beds, medical supplies, machines, and more, and the only information UPSers had initially was the name of a master sergeant in the Reno National Guard. Undaunted, the UPS team sprang into action, securing pallets, nets and straps, making calculations literally on the fly, loading in Reno, and getting the much-needed supplies to New Orleans overnight.

What happens when Future You knows every second is crucial?

Religious Accommodation Questions

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