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Financial Planing and Reporting Specialist

Primary Location: Zeytinburnu, Istanbul - TR Job ID 060250
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Financial Analyst is responsible for one or more of the following areas: cost planning, revenue management and He/She assists the country management team with financial issues pertaining to reporting, monitoring costs, reviewing production, payroll, etc. The Financial Analyst researches and interprets financial data to provide information to management.

   Performs and Completes Business Planning Reviews

·         Audits areas of concern (e.g., unusual cost, high workers’ compensation claims, etc.) to ensure proper reporting occurs. 

·         Creates and maintains profitability reports to ensure proper charges are administered. 

·         Generates reports on forecasted versus actual revenue to determine results. 

·         Conducts trending headcounts to determine projected benefits costs.    

Conducts Monthly Closeout Reporting

·         Creates and formats departmental cost statements for appropriate division management personnel. 

·         Reports on district profitability and revenue management to identify actual versus planned projections. 

·         Researches cost overruns to identify causes and establish corrective plans if required. 

Conducts Cost Planning and Analysis

·         Reviews financial aspects of capital expenditure proposals (i.e., Real Estate Facilities Committee) to ensure cost alternatives have been considered. 

·         Verifies production reports match the general ledger to ensure correct volume and hours are posted to proper accounts. 

·         Prepares reports identifying headcount, discretionary expenses, etc. to ensure inclusion in budget projections. 

Completes Ad Hoc Requests

·         Generates reports to track discretionary spending to control spending levels. 

·         Researches requested expenses and project trends for staff, division, business, and center managers to ensure operation within budget guidelines.

·         Generates staffing analysis reports to review management headcounts.

·         Assists district management in the use of financial management software and cost statement reviews to enable more effective job performance.



·        B.Sc. degree in Finance, Economics, Accounting or Industrial Engineering, 

·        1-3 years work experience,

·         Excellent command of English, comfortable with giving presentations in English,

·         Excellent command of MS-Office tools,

·         Residing in Istanbul European side is prefered,

·         Has a clear vision of career goals,

·         Team worker and strong in interpersonal relationships,

·         Willing to accept feedback from others,

·         Self-motivated, self-learner, ready to take initiative,

·         Proactive and problem solving attitude,

·         Self-criticizing, constructively dissatisfied,

·         Comfortable with working in field when required,

·         Can adapt to dynamic work environment,

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