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APAC Procurement System Specialist

Primary Location: Tsuen Wan, New Territories - CN, Job ID 068603

Job Summary:
The Procurement Systems Specialist serves as the liaison between global users, analysts, and developers for systems enhancements and production issues. He/She maintains the reporting systems used by the function. This position develops and executes test scenarios for existing and new functionalities. He/She supports the help desk and provides application support to users.


Interacts with Users on Production Issues

  • Communicates with users to clarify issues and to determine business impacts.
  • Assesses production issues to determine root causes.
  • Reviews production issues to escalate and resolve issues.
  • Collaborates with the help desk staff and developers to communicate production issues.
  • Communicates with users to deliver solutions for enhancements, fixes, and testing.

Interacts with Information Technology Development Staff

  • Submits tracker logs to prioritize production issues and to document developer solution activities and user communications.
  • Defines and translates production issues to discuss with developers for resolution.
  • Monitors progress of developers to deliver code changes.
  • Tests code changes to ensure proper functionality.
  • Communicates user acceptance testing results to ensure proper resolution.

Prepares, Reviews, and Maintains Test Scripts

  • Evaluates testing environments to ensure validity.
  • Develops scenarios for test scripts to ensure valid and operational applications.
  • Executes test scripts to ensure test cases are operating according to expectations.
  • Analyzes and monitors test results to provide feedback to Information Technology (IT) department.
  • Validates and documents scenarios for test scripts to capture and communicate final results.

Gathers Requirements for Systems Enhancements

  • Reviews and evaluates business requirements to validate business needs.
  • Opens change requests to track the requirement development process.
  • Participates in user acceptance testing to ensure proper functionality of systems.
  • Creates, tests, and communicates new procedures to validate test results.

Performs Special Systems Projects

  • Verifies data to ensure accuracy.
  • Executes and maintains business continuity testing to ensure functionality within the disaster recovery process.
  • Develops and maintains queries in the function's reporting systems to generate business reports.


  • Bachelor’s degree in any discipline
  • At least two years of Finance or Procurement related work experience
  • Detail-oriented with attention to details
  • Ability to generate analysis reports using Microsoft office application
  • IT knowledge background to communicate technological concepts and understand UPS system
  • SQL programming skill preferred
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