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Technology support staff

Primary Location: MS Shibaura Bldg. 13F, 4-13-23, Shibaura , Minato-ku, Tokyo - JP, 108-0023 Job ID 060964

Job Description 

*Technical support for internal users.
  ✓Assets maintenance management, and troubleshooting of IT equipment
     (Windows PC/Server/ Printer/ Mobile phone)

  ✓Assets maintenance management, and troubleshooting of software
    ( Microsoft Office/  Internal applications)

*Maintenance management of in-house facilities.
 (Distribution center, Warehouse, Office )

✓Laying and maintenance of network and telephone lines

✓Installation and maintenance management of dedicated mobile terminals and bar code readers

✓In-house maintenance and troubleshooting


✓Technical support for customers using UPS shipping tools

✓Escalation and management for overseas support staff 

✓Participation in various projects


✓Basic knowledge of software, hardware, and general networks

✓Communication skills with internal users, other departments and customers

✓Problem-solving skills

✓High motivation for learning new systems and things

✓Communication skills in English with overseas teams

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