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Supply Chain Logistics Operation Excellence Senior Assistant

Primary Location NO. 1676 ZHONGZHENG N. RD., TAOYUAN, Taoyuan City - Taiwan, Republic of China , 33849 Job ID R23031081

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Job Description:

• Optimize logistics processes and operations to improve efficiency and reduce costs.
• Design and implement logistics systems and strategies to meet company needs.
• Analyze logistics data and metrics to provide improvement recommendations.
• Participate in supply chain management and coordination to ensure smooth logistics operations.
• Evaluate and implement Automated Mobile Robots (AMR) technology to optimize logistics operations.
• Monitor and manage the operation of AMRs to ensure smooth system operation.
• Use automation systems and data analysis tools to calculate and optimize Production Per Hour (PPH).
• Collaborate with engineering teams to design and implement automation solutions to improve production efficiency.
• Using Methods-Time Measurement(MTM) to analysis time and methods for our operations and process.
• Support achievement of contractual cost down targets.

Other Qualifications:

• Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering or related field.
• Relevant work experience in logistics, supply chain management, or related fields.
• 熟悉物流流程和操作,具有優化技能。
• 具有強大的數據分析和解決問題的能力。
• 良好的溝通技巧和團隊合作精神。
• 熟悉自動移動機器人和自動化系統,了解每小時處理量計算和優化方法。
• 熟練使用相關軟件和工具,如倉儲管理系統(WMS)、ERP、自動化系統軟件、數據分析工具等。
• UPS 致力於提供一個多元化, 不受歧視和騷擾的工作場所, 歡迎身心障礙者應徵, 公司並提供身心障礙補助

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