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Senior Applications Developer

Primary Location: Singapore (Region Office), Singapore - SG Job ID 056574 Zip Code 486064
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The Senior Applications Developer provides input and support for, and performs full systems life cycle management activities (e.g., analyses, technical requirements, design, coding, testing, implementation of systems and applications software, etc.). He/She participates in component and data architecture design, technology planning, and testing for Applications Development (AD) initiatives to meet business requirements. This position provides input to applications development project plans and integrations. He/She collaborates with teams and supports emerging technologies to ensure effective communication and achievement of objectives. The Senior Applications Developer provides knowledge and support for applications development, integration, and maintenance. He/She provides input to department and project teams on decisions supporting projects.

Job Responsibilities:
Contributes to I.S. Projects
  • Conducts systems and requirements analyses to identify project action items.
  • Creates task lists and cost and time estimates to support project plan development.
  • Performs assigned functions and tasks to meet project plan and quality review requirements.
  • Records, updates, monitors, and determines solutions for project deviations to ensure effective resolutions.
  • Reviews project team accomplishments to assist with peer development and to provide project updates for management and customers.
  • Reviews and compiles project issues to support effective resolutions.
  • Monitors project activities to ensure I.S. governance, standards, and policies compliance.
Performs System Analysis and Design
  • Participates in defining and developing technical specifications to meet systems’ requirements.
  • Analyzes and translates logical designs to create physical designs.
  • Assesses detailed designs and documentation to ensure alignment with business requirements.
  • Defines interfaces among systems components to ensure interoperability.
  • Creates and reviews interface agreements to ensure proper transfer of information between systems.
  • Evaluates vendor technologies to recommend potential products for use.
  • Leads peer reviews to ensure requirements are met.
Designs and Develops Moderate to Highly Complex Applications
  • Analyzes, designs, codes, and tests, corrects, and documents moderate to highly complex programs to ensure optimal performance and compliance.
  • Reviews and understands specifications to achieve coding tasks.
  • Is familiar with Test case development and execution
  • Reviews, analyzes, and refines requirements and specifications to ensure quality.
  • Records and updates defects log to ensure thorough and accurate documentation.
Develops Application Documentation
  • Develops and maintains system documentation to ensure accuracy and consistency.
  • Creates unit test plans and reviews documented results to ensure requirements are met.
  • Creates technical documentation in compliance with UPS Software Development Lifecycle to communicate and update project teams and stakeholders.
Produces Integration Builds
  • Defines and produces integration builds to create applications.
  • Performs build processes to produce software and to prepare application for delivery.
  • Produces integration test specifications to conduct tests, record failures, and conduct fault diagnoses.
Performs Maintenance and Support
  • Defines and administers procedures to monitor systems performance and integrity.
  • Performs applications maintenance and support functions to support problem resolution.
  • Documents maintenance and support activities to ensure quality control.
  • Performs business continuity and disaster recovery activities to ensure availability requirements are met.
  • Provides maintenance and support modifications to developers, users, and external groups to communicate updates.
  • Observes and evaluates the systems usage by users to improve applications quality and effectiveness.
  • Records and updates defect logs to monitor system reliability.
  • Designs, creates, develops, customizes, and maintains training content to enhance quality of support.
Supports Emerging Technologies and Products
  • Monitors the industry to gain knowledge and understanding of emerging technologies.
  • Identifies new and emerging hardware and software technologies and products to maintain industry competitiveness.
  • Determines relevance and potential value of new technologies to support business objectives and strategy.

Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science /related discipline or the equivalent in education and work experience
  • Minimum 8 years of IT experience
  • Minimum 3 - 5 in business requirement gathering, validating and solution the logistics/transportation functions/systems environment
  • Proven experience as a .NET Senior Developer / Team Lead
  • Familiarity with the latest ASP.NET framework, SQL Server and design/architectural patterns (e.g. Model-View-Controller (MVC))
  • Knowledge of at .NET core
  • Familiarity with architecture styles/APIs (REST, RPC)
  • Understanding of Agile methodologies
  • Requires excellent oral (English) and written communication, attention to detail, organizational, problem-solving and trouble-shooting skills
  • Supervisory experience is preferred

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