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Revenue Management Rate Setting Management Specialist (APAC Marketing)

Singapore (Region Office), Singapore - SG Job ID 051517 Zip Code 486064
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The Rates Management Specialist analyzes, develops, and implements the annual rate increase and rate initiatives for UPS Domestic and Global services. He/She manages and participates in market research and competitive research, using results to develop rate initiative strategies. He/She supports the supervisor to manage rate increase projects and determines financial impact of rate initiatives and other revenue enhancement projects. He/She act as the team lead among the non-management and is call on to act as the supervisor when the supervisor is not available. This position may supervise others in the department.

Job Description

  • Analyzes competitor rate strategies and compares competitor rates to ensure UPS is well positioned in the market
  • Evaluates marketplace trends to look for opportunities to increase profits

  • Updates rate models to reflect the most recent volume forecast, competitive rates, and cost data

  • Makes recommendations for changes to UPS rates to increase profits and sets new rates for new services

  • Presents findings/insights to the management team

  • Develops migration strategy and budget

  • Loads rates into internal systems

  • Audits rates and zone charts to ensure accuracy

  • Prepares tool for sales to negotiate rates with customers

  • Prepares internal and external communication materials to announce rate changes

  • Generates reports for performance analysis and senior management reporting

  • Evaluates results of the implemented rate changes to determine the effectiveness of the initiative

  • Updates trend graphs to reflect the results of a rate change on surcharges and additional charges including incentive changes

  • Evaluates pricing tools and its performance and make appropriate recommendations

  • Supervises and develop others

  • Identify and determines self-training needs to improve one’s leadership competency in preparation for next level career advancement

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor's Degree in Economics, Finance and Marketing
  • 1-2 years’ working experience in Marketing, Pricing, Market Analytics or Revenue Management
  • Hands-on knowledge in Microsoft Office application including Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Possess strong analytical skills
  • Experience working in a data analytics role will be an added advantage
  • Meticulous with strong attention to details
  • Team player and possess a positive attitude towards a fast paced environment
  • Ability to work independently with minimum supervision
  • Self-motivated with strong drive and willingness to take on challenges
  • Solid organizational skills and aptitude in problem-solving

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