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Program & Project Management Supervisor

Primary Location: 31 ALPS Avenue #07-00 Singapore 498784 , Singapore (South District), Singapore - SG, 498784 Other Location: Singapore Job ID 066180

Summarize of the job : -

The Program and Project Management Supervisor serves as the primary point of contact for multi-product customer accounts,  and support representatives with a portfolio of complex accounts. He/She ensures service reliability and execution, customer retention and growth, and a positive customer relationship with UPS. This position works with diverent teams to, provide issue resolution, response tracking compliance, notification of events impacting the client, process improvements, tracking and tracing services, managing service expectations. He/She facilitates performance meetings, manages standard operating procedures (SOPs) and statements of work (SOWs), and assists in identifying opportunities for account penetration. The Project Support and Process Supervisor documents business processes through the creation of business process maps. He/She analyzes and maps existing processes to establish current status, develops and maps recommended business process improvements, and supports and trains cross-functional groups in process mapping.

Job Responsibilities : -

  • Supervises and Develops Others:-Determines employee training needs to support Continuous Development & Provides feedback to support Performance Improvement      
  • Resolves individual and group performance issues in accordance with UPS’s policies and procedures in a timely manner to motivate and foster teamwork.           
  • Provide Project Support , Conducts Process Analysis,  Identifies Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to provide expertise and establish the project plan.     
  • Reviews, revises, and obtains sign-off from process project lead on "as-is" maps to confirm and understand current process.           
  • Manages multiple customers to monitor service reliability and execution and to ensure customer retention and growth. Prepares for and Manages Customer review Meetings           
  • Identifies, resolves, and escalates issues and concerns (i.e., customer visibility systems), tracks and traces services, and monitors process improvements to ensure customer satisfaction, response tracking compliance, and high levels of service quality.  
  • Monitors customer satisfaction to identify trends, process improvements, issues, and satisfaction levels. Drive Process Efficiencies        
  • Manages revenue retention and churn to retain customers and maintain revenue levels. Identify penetration opportunities      
  • Presents "to-be" maps and transition plans to senior process project sponsors to obtain buy-in to the "to-be" process map. 
  • Tracks progress of process mapping projects, if needed, to identify improvements and provide further assistance and modifications.             
  • Assists with the planning of initiatives and translating high level organizational goals into business plans to meet customer and UPS goals.   
  • Assists with monitoring costs against budgetary goals to ensure expenditures are within the budget plan.           
  • Assists with Monitoring Quality Audits , system implementations , performing data analysis.          

Requirements : -

  • Possess a Degree or International equivalent.   
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in similar position            
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