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Marketing Analyst (Strategy)

Primary Location: Singapore (South District), Singapore - SG Job ID 058494 Zip Code 498784
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The Marketing Strategy Analyst assists in managing all aspects of growth and communication projects and initiative to support district strategy. He/She performs internal and external market intelligence collection through established networks and providers. This position also produces standard and ad hoc research reports for consumption of internal stakeholders. This position directly reports to Marketing Strategy Supervisor.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Assists in Managing Research Projects

    • Assists in managing project lifecycles

    • Develops design documents to define project scope and identify stakeholders.

    • Develops project plans and assigns tasks to resources to ensure that the project will be completed timely and according to specifications.

    • Ensures affected functions or groups are identified and works with them to negotiate process changes, ownership of processes and to manage project impact.

    • Designs and implements communication plans to ensure all parties are informed and updated

    • Follows-up with assigned resources continuously manage the productivity of the team, project timelines and deliverables.

    • Balances multiple projects and employment schedules to meet the management team’s goals

  • Communicates and Shares Information

    • Gains access to in-house reporting tools to facilitate the generation of reports.

    • Formats databases to run queries and generate reports for inclusion in presentations.

    • Gathers, compiles, and sorts data to facilitate reporting and analysis.

    • Distributes reports to stakeholders to educate and inform.

Job Requirements:

  • Possess at least a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing or International equivalent

  • Preferably with 1 year experience in related field

  • Possess hands-on knowledge in  Microsoft including MS Access, MS Excel preferably with some understanding in programming

  • Meticulous with strong attention to details, demonstrate good numerate skills, matured thinking, dependable and requires minimum supervision

  • Excellent oral and written communication skill.

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