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Data Science Intern (Based in Region Office)

Primary Location: Singapore (Region Office), Singapore - SG Job ID 059339 Zip Code 486064
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Job/Project Description
1. Historical actual demand data and data on several variables that possibly drive our demand is available
2. Candidate is supposed to build models and codes to perform time series analysis with regressors to forecast demand with different forecast horizons and periods using machine learning, classical ARIMA models etc.
3. Key success criteria would be measured in terms of decrease in forecast error when the codes and models are applied to real life business setting

1. Candidate is willing to work in our Singapore office
2. Willing to incorporate business parameters and constraints in demand forecasting
3. Willing to work with the team and build time-series/Machine learning models for demand forecasting
4. Willing to develop and deliver codes, and successfully use those codes in improving our forecasting ability

Required Skillsets
1. R/Python
2. Time series Analysis
3. Machine learning models for forecasting such as LSTM
4. Business sense

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