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Plant Engineering Supervisor

Primary Location: Shanghai, Shanghai - CN Job ID 059245 Zip Code 200127
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JD ofECN PE Supervisor

Position Title:Plant Engineering Supervisor

Type of Position:Full Time

Location:SHA Admin Office

Job Description:

The plant engineering department is responsible for designing, constructing and maintaining package handling equipment and UPS facilities across east China.The incumbent will receive training through both classroom instruction and on the job assignments.

As part of the engineering function at UPS, the incumbent may be involved in:

  • Supervision of 1 specialist;

  • Supervision of conveyor maintenance and conveyor system reliability across east China.

  • Routine technical surveys, inspections and audits;

  • Secure the facility in good condition with proper PMI and housekeeping;

  • Co-ordination of building repairs and asset protection projects;

  • Ensuring system safety;

  • Environmental compliance;

  • Preparing designs and plans in accordance with established codes, standards and specifications;

  • Cost estimating and budgeting;

  • Project management;

  • Preparing reports;

  • Outsourced vendor management.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Applied Science
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment
  • Results oriented
  • Working knowledge of AutoCAD
  • Experience in facilities or industrial maintenance is a strong asset.
  • Experience as a supervisor is an asset.
  • Knowledge of PLC’s and electrical controls would be an asset.
  • At least 3 years of relevant experience in equipment repair and maintenance, be better to have conveyor belt system maintenance experience;
  • Fluent in Chinese / English is essential;

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