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Dispatch Planning Manager

Primary Location: Shanghai, Shanghai - CN Job ID 059223 Zip Code 200127
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The Dispatch Planning Manager is responsible for supporting Package Operations in driver dispatch by providing training and support on the Dispatch Planning System (DPS) and the Preload Assist System (PAS). He / she develops future business requirements and training materials, provides region support, problem solving, and systems testing (beta and alpha), and aligns best practices.

  • Serves as a DPS and PAS subject matter expert to provide IE consulting for software developers.
  • Answers functionality-based questions (e.g., capability of the system, specific system actions or tasks related to operations, etc) to provide field DPS and PAS support.
    Documents system faults and bugs found and reported in the field to communicate to Information Systems Maryland (ISMD) for follow-up and to determine best course(s) of action.
  • Researches and documents dispatch best practices to integrate into UPS’s dispatch processes and communicates to users through internal UPS systems.
    Develops training materials as needed to improve users’ knowledge of DPS / PAS systems and improve efficiency in the execution of dispatch plans.
  • Maintains current training documentation for DPS and PAS and updates periodically to reflect updated methods, measurement, and procedures.
  • Reviews DPS and PAS work measurement and methods changes to determine accuracy and efficacy of the changes.
  • Implements reporting updates (e.g., manual entries, paid day, etc.) and systems, including the determination of formulas, guidelines, and rating / ranking measurements to measure effectiveness and improve the quality of reporting indices.
    Attends periodic training classes to learn new system functionality and facilitate training.
  • Gathers suggestions from the field and documents suggested improvements to determine future DPS and PAS business requirements.
  • Researches costs and gathers facts and statistics associated with process changes to verify cost assumptions and develop cost justifications for suggested improvements.
    Develops proposals and conducts requirements meetings with developers to determine feasibility for suggested improvements and implementations.
  • Obtains approvals for action and inclusion of requirements, improvements, and enhancements in future releases to update current system functionality.
  • Reviews testing requirements to determine test site locations and coordinate testing dates with Region and District Engineering Managers and Engineering Coordinators.
    Participates in alpha tests (i.e., testing on new applications in development) to try out functionality / features and approve start dates for Beta testing (i.e., the last stage of testing prior to release).
  • Works with ISMD to develop field test plans (e.g., identify the number of people involved with testing, planned test dates, test sites, etc.).
    Communicates field test plans to the region and field test participants to ensure all are aware of their respective duties and responsibilities.
  • Executes field test plan to ensure successful completion of all assigned duties and responsibilities.
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