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Package Driver

Primary Location: Schiedam, Noord Holland - NL Job ID 054043 Zip Code 3113 AN
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Many organizations call them just normal drivers, we at UPS go beyond and call them Service Providers. As a UPS driver, you do one thing, and we want you to do it the best you can: make customers happy! This you can do by delivering their new tablet on time, the one they ordered yesterday! Or by helping the local drone store to prepare and organize its first shipment to a new customer in the US. Do you have what it takes?
What do you do on a daily basis?
The most of it you can organize it yourself, as long as you pick up and deliver everything on time.
  • From our facility in Rotterdam, you drive your route in and around the city and you go and visit your customers.
  • Pick-ups, deliveries, check export documents, advice costumers about packaging… A service provider at UPS does more than steering only.
  • You want to make customers happy, by working like a professional and being customer and service orientated
  • Normally you work from 8:00h till 17:00h, but it will be more likely that you make some extra hours. If you state that you are being flexible in your CV, then this is your chance to prove it

What do we need you to do?

We are looking for a serious driver with a B-license. C-license is preferred but not really necessary, as long you have experience in driving a bigger van or a truck.
  • Picking up and delivering packages is real hard work, don’t under estimate this.
  • Time is money, and that especially is the case if you are handling express packages. Can you handle a normal portion of stress?
  • Most of the customers are Dutch, so speaking at least a bit of Dutch is preferred. You can also meet English speaking customers, so communicating at a normal level of English would be helpful.

Good to know:

  • You will be paid according to the D-scale
  • A new career step!
  • Extra hours against 130% hourly wage
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