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Industrial Engineering Supervisor

Pune, Maharashtra - IN Job ID 052102 Zip Code 411013
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Position Summary

The Industrial Engineering (IE) Supervisor is responsible for developing work measurement for use in improving package job set-ups and operational conditions that reduce cost and meet service commitments. The IE Supervisor in Pune provides tools, training, methods certification, and assistance as needed to support the achievement of the business plan. The Industrial Engineering (IE) Supervisor is responsible for planning the utilization of facilities, equipment, materials and staff to improve operational efficiency. He/ She is responsible for developing work measurement for use in improving job set-ups and operational conditions that reduce cost and meet service commitments. The Buildings and Facilities Supervisor assists the Asset Manager with buildings and facilities projects. He/ She supports the Real Estate and Facilities Committee (REFCO) process through gathering requests, evaluating projects, and providing alternatives and recommendations to the Asset Manager for submission to REFCO. The Plant Engineering (PE) Supervisor protects UPS assets including buildings, equipment, and grounds. He/ She supervises facility maintenance, housekeeping, environmental and labor compliance and safety. The PE Supervisor maintains the documentation of UPS building standards and specifications, assists the field with issues related to building standards and specifications, updates construction project documentation, and provides drafting and web support services. This position manages construction projects of low to moderate complexity and risk.

Key Accountabilities

  • 20% Core IE Planning and Forecasting
    • Identifies and implements operational improvement
    • Support/Authors Business Plan
    • Utilize workforce management to control site adherence
    • Creates skill standardization and measurement maintenance
  • Transportation contracting & Logistics
    • Manages transportation vendor contract and logistics
    • Provide daily oversight to external & Internal Resources
    • Provide daily optimization to ensure a safe reliable and cost effective model
  • 40% Core PE facility
    • Manages facility modification projects and general maintenance
    • Manage facility contract compliance and execution
    • Manages facility safety and self-audit requirement 
  • Analyzes and Develops Operating Plans 
  • Conducts Operational Audits 
  • Conducts Operational Forecasting 
  • Conducts Training for Operations Management 
  • Develops and Maintains Work Measurement to Optimize Plans 
  • Provides Guidance and Support to Improve Operations 
  • Supervises and Develops Others
  • Collaborates with Cross-Functional Groups
  • Develops Equipment Orders for Business Units
  • Develops Real Estate Requirements with Business Units and Corporate Groups
  • Supports the Development of the Buildings and Facilities Ten Year Plan
  • Supports the Pre-REFCO and REFCO Processes
  • Compiles CSC Reports
  • Provides Customer Response Solutions
Other Job Requirements
  • Have an excellent attendance track record
  • Should be flexible with shift timings & working days as per the business requirement
  • Should have strong customer orientation, understanding customer services issues
  • Should be self-driven, influencer and persuasive

Education and Work Experience

  • Preference would be 4 year Technical Engineering degree in any of the following disciplines: Industrial, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Construction Management
  • Post graduate studies is a plus not a requirement
  • Experience in major European billing processes (Suspense, CLB, intercompany billing) - Preferred
  • Experience in process and/or project work
  • Experience using MS Office Suite - Preferred

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