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Industrial Engineering Specialist

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Are you looking to move your engineering career forward? UPS is seeking an Industrial Engineering (IE) Specialist to support numerous groups within the IE function. He/she assists in gathering data and conducting analysis to support operational planning activities. The IE Specialist compiles data, develops reports, conducts periodic audits and produces forecasts. He/she also works cross-functionally with subject matter experts to quantify, validate and accurately translate strategic initiatives to the Business Plan.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Maintains data within operating plans to highlight conditions and areas for potential change
  • Verifies proper application of work measurement to ensure accuracy
  • Conducts audits to identify areas and processes not in compliance with standards
  • Discusses and records non-compliant exceptions
  • Develops action plans and obtains management corrective action commitments
  • Assesses impact of long- and short-range forecasts on operating plans
  • Responds to ad hoc reporting and analysis requests and utilizes various programs to compile statistical reports
  • Maintains forecasts, operating plans and tracking spreadsheets for future reference
  • Develops annual staffing projections based on trends

Knowledge and Skills

  • Identifies routine work methods/processes/flows to analyze; describes process capability studies and basic steps in analysis of data related to people, technology or information
  • Designs information organization, accessibility and security to create databases based on user needs using available database management software; devises procedures and schedules to maintain, update and install databases
  • Demonstrates broad understanding of operations and structure and applies knowledge to routine problems with limited input or oversight; recognizes how structure impacts daily work
  • Identifies common problems/barriers with current work designs with some assistance; collaborates with others to specify requirements for new work designs; modifies or adjusts existing methods, processes and flows to resolve operations failures
  • Reviews research and weekly trends (e.g., historical volume, marketing forecasts, recent economic data, etc.) and growth rates calculations to approve volume projections that impact operations and to forecast future asset needs
  • Addresses and resolves issues impacting information systems reporting; minimizes report generation and required storage; modifies existing report formats; creates and interprets customized reports; integrates data, information and documents from multiple software programs; writes complex report queries
  • Distinguishes between “big picture” comments and specialized, smaller facts associated with work; explains how details impact outcomes; works with others to ensure work is completed accurately and with appropriate level of detail
  • Summarizes information for routine problems or issues with oversight from others; makes recommendations; identifies inconsistencies and limitations
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, Engineering or related field – Preferred

UPS is an equal opportunity employer. UPS does not discriminate on the basis of race/color/religion/sex/national origin/veteran/disability/age/sexual orientation/gender identity or any other characteristic protected by law
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