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Paralegal (Mississauga – District Office)

Primary Location: Mississauga, Ontario - CA Job ID 058709 Zip Code L4V 1C2
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Job Summary:

The paralegal position is the essential third member of the legal team in Canada.  While performing some administrative functions to support the lawyers, the Paralegal is also responsible for a large portfolio of legal tasks (see below).

Job Requirements / Skills:
•Law firm invoicing:

•Ensure all law firms invoices are received on time each month, print copies and save files for historical data

•Key invoices into either UPS Canada or UPS SCS excel spreadsheet for cost tracking vs. the department’s budgeted plan

•Key and/or review invoices in Passport, ensure billing amounts match, correct cost allocations, approve invoices and forward to the UPS Legal team

•Monitor all invoices to ensure they are paid timely through Corporate

•Issuing Matter IDs:

•Work with all law firms as new files are assigned to them to open matter IDs and set up proper billing in Passport

Package Claims:
•Research and respond to customer and/or legal demand letters regarding lost, damaged or late packages
•Research and collect all relevant information for any lawsuits received regarding package claims
•Assign external lawyer and provide them all documentation and instructions regarding claim
•Work with external lawyer to file necessary responses and documentation
•Attend pre-trials, mediations and trials with external lawyers and serve as UPS expert witness when required

Legal Record Retention:
•Opening files for Legal Department, assigning file numbers and labeling files as needed
•Closing files as needed and sending to Iron Mountain for proper record retention
•Maintaining files at Iron Mountain and arrange for destruction of files as per UPS Record Retention guidelines
•Record Retention representative for the Legal Department

Invoice Payments:
•Paying monthly invoices for Iron Mountain, Thomson Reuters, Arkadin and other services needed by Canada Legal Department

Process Serving:
•Arranging for process serving on an as needed basis and accepting any legal servings filed at District Office

Legal Holds:
•Managing and controlling legal holds in the Passport and Exterro systems as required by ongoing legal matters

ESI Collection and Preservation requests:
•Working with Corporate Legal group and Information Security in Mahwah N.J. when Canada Legal needs to retrieve information from UPS systems

Corporate Filings and Registrations:
•Working with external counsel corporate clerks to ensure all annual registrations, business names and other corporate filings are completed for both UPS Canada and UPS SCS
•Provide updates on Officers and Directors of both corporations, arranging for changes to be made as assignments are changed
•Arrange for preparation of annual and special resolutions of the Board of Directors / Shareholders are drafted and reviewed for all Canadian UPS entities
•Ensure annual financials and resolutions are completed before June 30 every year for both corporations – this involves working with Tax, Corporate Legal and external counsel
•Ensure UPS Canada Retirement Committee annual reports are prepared and included with UPS Canada annual resolutions
•Complete Stats Canada questionnaires yearly for both corporations
•Maintain Canada Firearms License with the RCMP for UPS Canada

Legal Settlements:
•Requisitioning funds for all legal settlements, working with Payroll and Accounts Payable to ensure cheques are issued to proper vendors and that deductions are made when necessary and that all funds are received on a timely basis

Management of ongoing “AWOL” Project:
•Working with Occupational Health & Safety group, Labour and HR to identify employees that have been on LOA for more than 18 months (PT) and two years (FT). 
•Send out contact letters asking for medical documents to sustain continued absence, track all letters and responses, send follow up letters where needed
•Review medical documentation with UPS lawyer to determine if employee can return to work, arrange for accommodation searches, diarize for follow up requests, prepare severance for employees being frustrated, ensure all AWOL files have proper documentation and are maintained at Xerox site once file is closed
•Maintain control log for all AWOL employees, track all severance issued

Non-Disclosure Agreement:
•Prepare, issue and track NDAs for UPS special projects

Immigration Law & Work Permits:
•Work with law firm to ensure all Canadian work permits for staff  foreign service managers are issued when needed and then tracked for renewal purposes
•Assist Ex-Pat Staff Members and Region staff in obtaining and renewing US L-1 Visas
•Prepare business visitor letters for non-Canadian employees that need to travel to Canada for business or training purposes

Law Firm Employee Information Requests:
•Receive all requests from lawyers for employee information
•Verify employment in GEMS and then collect requested information such as payroll detail, benefit detail and disability detail
•prepare letter and invoice responding to law firms with all documents

Subpoenas, Court Documents, Tickets and Statement of Claims:
•Receive all Legal documents for the company, review and dispatch as necessary to responsible department or individuals
•Collect information requested in Subpoena’s, prepare Affidavits and respond back within deadlines

Preferred Skills:

• Strong communication abilities including written and oral presentation skills
• Experience in project management; ability to task and manage projects at the same time
• Outstanding time-management skills specifically in the areas of planning, organization skills
• Superior analytical and problem solving skills
• Excellent Computer skills including Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook
• Excellent interpersonal relationship skills
• General understanding of core business procedures such as accounts receivable, accounts payable,  payroll, order entry, package operations
• Ability to complete complex projects
• Detail-oriented
• Ability to handle situations with tact and diplomacy
• Strategic thinker
• Ability to draw upon resources from groups and lend resources to groups
• Ability to multi-task and work with minimum supervision
• Committed to a team environment – ability to act as a leader/team player, as appropriate

• College Diploma and/or University Degree – Paralegal or related field
• Preferred - Paralegal license to practice, Law Society of Ontario

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