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Future you has a reputation that opens doors everywhere.

International Account Executive

  • Full Time
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Travel: No
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  • Opportunities to grow
  • Strength of the UPS name behind you
  • Diverse team of experts
  • Creating custom solutions for business
  • Resources of a Fortune 100 organization
  • Empowered to use your ingenuity

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Future You Has What It Takes To Move The World

As a Sales professional, Future You is part of a global team that works on a scale you just can’t find anywhere else. Just consider this, we’ve delivered 3,240 packages since you started reading this section—think we know a thing or two about global opportunity?

  • $65 billion in revenues in 2017
  • 20 million deliveries every day to 10.5 million customers
  • 454 thousand global employees
  • 2.5 thousand+ operating facilities worldwide

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Future You Is A Troublemaker

If you’re looking to stir things up, to think differently, to follow crazy ideas that just might work, Future You belongs here.

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Our connections to people around the world inspire us to keep doing more for the communities we serve. Learn about how our professionals volunteered to help deliver 180 tons of books to children in South Africa.

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Future You gets more

  • Competitive pay

  • Medical, Dental, Vision, & more

  • Comprehensive Training

  • Career Growth & Mobility

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International Account Executive

  • Full Time
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Facility: Minneapolis
  • Job ID: 192622
  • Zip Code: 55413
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Job Summary

The International Account Executive (IAE) is responsible for growing International, Trade Direct (TD), and Freight business by working with Senior Account Executives and Account Executives (AEs) to uncover and convert opportunities into producing accounts. He/She specializes in understanding a customers’ international supply chain, positioning UPS advantageously, and assisting customers with International, TD, and Freight services shipping hurdles by implementing UPS solutions. This position develops pricing strategies, creates proposals, and trains Business Development personnel and clients on international, TD, and Freight services as well as performs post sale follow-up to ensure continued customer satisfaction.

The International Account Executive contacts Account Executives to learn about their current selling strategies and customer contracts. He/She collaborates with sales teams (e.g., Account Executives, eCAMs, Technology Support Group [TSG], solutions engineers, etc.) to understand the scope of accounts, assign roles, and develop strategies and objectives for sales calls. This position researches market trends, customers’ websites, and competitors to position UPS solutions more advantageously. The International Account Executive verifies customs’ compliance regulations to ensure packages do not violate compliance laws. This position creates strategies with AEs to determine the needs and objectives for international services.

Other Duties

  • Researches existing UPS account history to obtain background information (e.g., pay history, shipping routes, etc.) to identify and prioritize top targets.
  • Completes and submits requests to the Pricing Department to generate pricing. Collaborates with brokerage to ensure appropriate import incentives are applied.
  • Analyzes price quotes to verify accuracy and position the solution effectively to the customer.
  • Trains, educates, and mentors the core sales force (e.g., AE’s, Area Sales Managers [ASM], etc.) to improve the international, TD, and Freight shipping business acumen.
  • Responds to internal requests (e.g., scheduling questions, international questions, training on tools and resources [price quotes, Worldship], etc.) to transfer knowledge.
  • Monitors daily shipping activities to proactively identify problems and provide feedback.
  • Visits customers’ warehouses and distribution centers to better understand their shipping processes.
  • Builds relationships (e.g., offering assistance, answering questions, etc.) to build and maintain trust.
  • Obtains signatures for documents (e.g., contracts, Power of Attorney, North American Free Trade Agreement [NAFTA] certificates, Non-Resident Importer, etc.) to formally implement agreements.
  • Monitors daily shipping activities to proactively identify problems and provide feedback.

Preferred Competencies

  • Business, Financial, and Industry Knowledge: Considers industry and financial trends when making account decisions; understands critical aspects of business models and operating structures to provide input into decisions.
  • Conducts Competitive Analysis: Demonstrates a detailed understanding of competitor’s strategies and offerings; collects, analyzes, and interprets competitive information; identifies areas where UPS is at a competitive disadvantage and suggests ideas for improving its competitive position.
  • Creates Account Strategies: Helps define and create specific documented account strategies; evaluates key financial indicators to establish account strategies; leverages sales and service resources to meet basic customer needs; recognizes overlap between customer needs and external industry trends.
  • Designs/Develops Integrated Solutions to Business Problems: Demonstrates a broad understanding of business requirements or critical elements of a problem; identifies the impact of a problem on multiple areas of the business; recommends improvements to existing processes or programs.
  • Multicultural Agility: Identifies cultural issues that may impact business needs or customer solutions; applies cultural sensitivity when interacting with others outside one’s own geography; leverages cultural awareness to address challenges when operating across different geographical areas; stays current on global and cultural trends.
  • Negotiation: Demonstrates the ability to use negotiation techniques in less complex situations; recognizes the potential impact of negotiation proceedings on the business; gains consensus from involved parties.
  • Small Package Operations Knowledge: Demonstrates a detailed understanding of processes, procedures, and methods within small package operations; demonstrates a broad knowledge of tools, equipment, and technology used in small package operations; identifies root causes of recurring issues; describes the general structure of small package operations.
  • Strategic Customer Partnerships: Establishes and maintains entry level contacts in customer organizations; builds relationships to further understand customers’ business and objectives.


  • Experience in sales – Preferred


UPS is an equal opportunity employer. UPS does not discriminate on the basis of race/color/religion/sex/national origin/veteran/disability/age/sexual orientation/gender identity or any other characteristic protected by law
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