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America Region/Zone H&S Operations Manager (Flex)

Primary Location 3401 NW 67TH AVE BLDG 805, Miami, Florida Job ID 347456
  • Full-Time
  • Miami, Florida
  • Level: Varies based on position

Job Summary

This position is responsible for promoting wellness and a safe work environment within the region/business unit. The incumbent formulates region/business unit strategies, tactics and improvement initiatives to prevent injuries and auto crashes, reduce workers’ compensation/liability costs and mitigate risk. This position is responsible for developing Health and Safety expertise among their District/business unit counterparts. This role fosters strategic external relationships with professional, regulatory and community organizations to provide a safe work environment and to strengthen UPS’s standing in the communities that are served.


  • Develops health and safety strategies to set direction and communicate trends to region/district staff
  • Collaborates with district HR, H&S and Operations Managers to execute health and safety initiatives that prevent auto crashes, injuries and address the needs of the business
  • Serves as a subject matter expert to share health and safety best practices
  • Provides district consultation on effective action plans that address contributing causes
  • Collaborates cross-functionally to investigate, analyze and resolve critical business concerns related to injury and auto crash prevention and wellness
  • Promotes safety recognition programs to foster a safe work environment
  • Supports Occupational Health with the implementation of wellness strategies to promote healthy lifestyles, enhance operational effectiveness and reduce cost
  • Analyzes cost statements to identify high-impact areas with greatest claims cost
  • Collaborates with key stakeholders to make sound financial decisions on injury and auto crash reduction strategies
  • Communicates and implements new or changing regulatory requirements to ensure compliance
  • Verifies compliance to UPS policies and regulatory requirements through audits to ensure UPS's brand and reputation are protected
  • Supports business unit development of correction actions for all identified issues and validates execution
  • Reports safety strategy results to the management team to detect trends and determine the effectiveness of the plan and plan’s execution
  • Analyzes audit data/health and safety compliance reports to identify action plans, abatement strategies and best practices
  • Provides follow-up reports to management teams to ensure adjustments within the districts are being executed and maintained as part of the business plan
  • Communicates the strategic Health and Safety Plan to all stakeholders to communicate expectations and ensure progress in execution is tracked and accountability is maintained
  • Reports progress of safety initiatives to management teams to provide a basis for determining the effectiveness of the process and steer management teams’ discussions of action plans to meet goals
  • Provides direction on district/business unit prevention and regulatory compliance training strategy to ensure employees have required knowledge and skills to perform jobs safely and efficiently
  • Conducts train-the-trainer workshops to assist management who deliver health and safety training programs
  • Facilitates health and safety training (e.g., Safe Work Methods, Space and Visibility, OSHA compliance, etc.) to HR representatives, new supervisors, and new promotions to ensure all employees know safety procedures
  • Monitors tracking, auditing, and scheduling of employee and manager safety training to maintain compliance with UPS regulations
  • Evaluates training effectiveness (e.g., conducts employee follow-ups) to identify training improvement areas
  • Trains district management in using accident and injury prevention reports to determine contributing causes of accidents/injuries and creates action plans for improvement
  • Observes and evaluates H&S compliance training to ensure that front line management is managing compliance day-to-day and not just responding to audits
  • Measures training results through interviews, observations, depth of knowledge testing, and results to determine training effectiveness, knowledge transfer, and if retraining is needed
  • Manages resources and people processes (e.g., Performance Management, Career Development, Training, Staffing, etc.) to ensure the day-to-day administration of processes and formal procedures
  • Identifies individual and team skill gaps/developmental opportunities (e.g., training, special assignments, conferences, projects, etc.) to facilitate individual and team development
  • Ensures that direct/indirect reports have documented career goals and detailed plans for achieving these goals to develop them personally and professionally
  • Conducts frequent performance evaluations in a consistent, fair, and objective manner to facilitate open communication and encourage continuous performance improvement
  • Holds others accountable to established performance levels to achieve individual and group goal
  • Resolves individual and group performance issues by UPS’s policies/procedures to motivate and foster teamwork
  • Coaches others and provides ongoing feedback and support to improve performance
  • Identifies opportunities to involve others in new/challenging work assignments and rotations that advance the skills/capabilities of individuals and the organization
  • Makes salary recommendations to reward employee performance


  • Demonstrates an attention to detail; documents specific and accurate information; thoroughly learns a topic; maintains organized files
  • Possesses knowledge of injury/crash prevention techniques and job methods; identifies root causes of injuries/auto crashes; recognizes and reports unsafe working conditions
  • Demonstrates an understanding of the functions, regulations and procedures of compliance agencies or governing bodies; assumes leadership position in programs that reduce risk and enhance safety
  • Willingness to travel
  • Exhibits digital fluency and desire to integrate new technology/applications into role 
  • Possesses knowledge of Warehouse Systems
  • Experience in a Health & Safety role
  • Health and Safety Certifications (OSHA, NEBOSH, CSA, CSP)
  • Operations experience in a distribution environment
  • Collaboration and communication to engage key stakeholders
  • Proficient in Spanish or French Canadian

UPS is an equal opportunity employer. UPS does not discriminate on the basis of race/color/religion/sex/national origin/veteran/disability/age/sexual orientation/gender identity or any other characteristic protected by law

Benefits & Career Advantages

Operations Managers get a full slate of benefits and rewards.

  • 401(k)

  • Full Healthcare

  • Career Growth
    & Mobility

  • Consistent

  • Competitive Pay

Career Snapshot

  • Develop your career in a global organization

  • Set the industry standard in customer service

  • Rotate to different roles to learn every perspective

  • Manage a dynamic team of UPSers

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