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GBS OPS Supervisor (Help Desk)

Primary Location: Medellín, Antioquia - CO, Job ID 065252

Job Summary
The GBS Operations Supervisor is responsible for monitoring and executing the day-to-day operations of the contact center teams. This positionanalyzes production, quality, and cost information to identify challenges and provide recommendations for improvement. This position manages others within the department.The Supervisor is responsible for maintaining call center data and communication with external an internal customers.
Job Duties

Coaches administrative staff on call quality to ensure customer interactions are complete, accurate and professional.
Develops action plans and works side by side with most help needed employees to provide instruction and assistance.
Communicates electronically and face-to-face daily with the administrative workforce to provide tips, updates, statistics andperformance evaluations.
Handles escalated customer calls to ease customer concerns and improve customer satisfaction and perception.
Checks customer call report data for problems and trends to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for policy andprocedure changes.

Supervises operation to ensure proper customer experience, first contact resolution, accuracy, and quality levels.
Conducts operational audits to ensure effective operational performance.
Resolves operational issues to ensure contact center effectiveness.
Identifies and suggests end-to-end process improvements to improve contact center operations.

Education and Work Experience
  • Bachelor's degree in Tech/Computer careers
  • Experience in customer service jobs
  • English Skill 90% (Required)
  • Portuguese Skill 70% (Prefered)
  • Ability to work in diferent shifts

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