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Technical Analyst

  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • Job ID: 255234
  • Zip Code: 40213
  • Street Address: 8135 ASHBOTTOM ROAD


  • Support operations in over 220 countries
  • Scope and stability of a fortune 100 organization
  • Promote-from-within culture
  • Diverse team of experts
  • Opportunities to grow

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In Finance & Accounting, Future You can go almost anywhere. Opportunities at UPS include:

Financial Accounting & Reporting

Includes our external reporting experts (SEC and foreign governments), as well as internal management accounting specialties for decision support.

Financial Planning & Analysis

Mine big data for critical decision drivers, evaluate results to identify paths for future improvements to growth and profitability.

F&A systems support

Combining knowledge of Finance & Accounting with technology capabilities to drive continuous improvement through our processes.

Tax Planning & Compliance

Inside an enormous global company, the tax planning opportunities are endless. These translate into meaningful cash savings that drive company value.


The investments team is constantly scanning the horizon to drive returns on our sizable investment portfolio. Our in-house subject matter experts employ a broad variety of investment disciplines.


Global treasury management is an exciting field engaging in real-time marketplaces around the world. Our cash management is critical to enabling our global growth.

Internal Audit

Within a vast transportation company, there are fundamental needs to safeguard the company’s assets and ensure UPS maintains its award-winning status as a leading company in business ethics. Simultaneously, our auditors have a unique perspective to identify process improvements that lead to increased shareowner value.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We never rest when it comes to targeting the right acquisitions to profitably grow our transportation network. M&A teams are based around the world to respond to customer needs.

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Future You Has What It Takes To Move The World

As a Finance professional, Future You is part of a global team that works on a scale you just can’t find anywhere else. Just consider this, we’ve delivered 3,240 packages since you started reading this section—think we know a thing or two about global opportunity?

  • $65 billion in revenues in 2017
  • 20 million+ deliveries every day to 10.5 million customers
  • 454 thousand global employees
  • 2.5 thousand+ operating facilities worldwide

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See how UPSers are doing more–including saving lives by safely shipping vaccines over thousands of miles.


Our professionals have helped us secure our position as the world’s most valuable logistics brand, time and time again. Get behind the numbers, and take Future You straight to the top with UPS.

Learn More Financial Professionals at UPS.

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Future You gets more

  • Competitive pay

  • Medical, dental, vision, & more

  • Consistent scheduling

  • Career growth & mobility

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Technical Analyst

  • Louisville, Kentucky
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Job Title:  Technical Analyst

Department:  Airline Procurement

Days:  Monday – Friday                                      Hours per Week:  40

Commitment to Position:  2 years                    Hours:  08:00 – 16:30

Flex Time:  Yes, 15 minutes before or after scheduled start time

Rotating Shifts:  No

Travel:  No

Job Freeze:  No

Work Location:  AMDC

Manager:  Scott Jaggers                                       Supervisor:  Mishell Nibert

Work Environment:  Dynamic office environment consisting of Administrative, Business Professional, Engineering Groups, Vendor Reps and Management personnel. Self-starter and able to work with minimal supervision. Expected to manage multiple activities concurrently and reporting and updates to internal and external customers.

Job Summary:  Evaluate inventory support material and services requirements for UPS's airline. Individual will be working with various airline groups to determine requirements, component interchangeability, configuration requirements, sourcing options, negotiating with suppliers, and maintaining project tracking/reporting. The individual will assist in the development of short/long range material support for the airline along with special projects as assigned.

Job Description:  Specialists in the Asset Management Groups will have a systematic understanding of the Planning, Purchasing, Repair, and negotiations for aircraft components and services. This knowledge will be used to successfully control the supply chain of these assets and coordinate customer requirements. Customers include Aircraft Line and Heavy Maintenance, Engineering, as well as other key Support and Procurement Services functions. Interpret Engineering and OEM technical documents to validate effectively and interchangeability. Analyze component repair requirements and processes. Liaison with component repair vendors.

Required Skills:  Formal training in a relevant aviation field and/or extensive aerospace industry experience. Degree preferred. Must understand the effects of material support on the maintenance organization. Ability to collect technical and cost data to identify trends. Candidate must possess a technical, statistical, and analytical aptitude to interpret OEM Drawings, IPCs, AMM, MELs, E/Os and other aviation industry technical documents and processes. Preferred skills include commercial expertise, negotiation, technical and financial skills to component repair and overhaul costs, alternative parts, and alternative repair authorizations. Ability to comfortably and confidently interface and negotiate with monopolistic suppliers and our aircraft engineering teams to standardize component specifications and ensure our cost per flight hour is best in class while maintaining reliability. Contract development and ability to interpret and execute to terms is desired. Proficiency in all Microsoft Office products and understanding of project management.

Additional Skills:  Relevant aviation field and aerospace industry experience. Prefer a working knowledge of UPS supporting systems (MIPS, IMPACTS, ADMS, etc.). Familiarity with GMM, FARs, and other regulatory requirements. Ability to interpret and apply requirements in Service Bulletins (SBs), Advisory Directives (ADs), Advisory Circulars, and Service Letters. Strong communication skills. Candidate must possess a technical, statistical, and analytical aptitude.

Interpersonal Skills:  Ability to work in a regulated environment with minimal supervision. Must have great attention to detail and prioritization skills. Must be able to clearly communicate with internal and external customers. Ability to interact and work with Administrative, Business Professionals and Management on a daily basis. Able to make quick decisions and adjust plans under operational pressure. Team player with proven leadership skills.

UPS is an equal opportunity employer. UPS does not discriminate on the basis of race/color/religion/sex/national origin/veteran/disability/age/sexual orientation/gender identity or any other characteristic protected by law
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