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Part-Time Hub Dispatch Supervisor

Latham (North of Albany/Upstate NY) Primary Location: Avis Drive, Guptill Industrial , LATHAM, NY - United States, 12110 Facility Latham (North of Albany/Upstate NY) Job ID 263438

Job Title:  PT - Supervisor

Department:  Feeder Dispatch

Days:  Tu - Sat                                             Hours Per Week:  27.5

Commitment to Position:  2 years               Hours:  7:00am - 12:30pm

Flex Time:  N

Rotating Shifts:  N

Travel:  N

Job Freeze:  N

Work Location:  8100 Air Commerce Drive Louisville, KY 40219

Manager:  Allen Claycomb                             Supervisor:  Chris Beeler

Work Environment:  The PT Sup job is fast paced. Must be able to multitask handling phone calls, talking with drivers, monitoring and inputting information into the computer systems.

Job Summary:  The Sleeper Team PT Sup is responsible for managing sleeper team needs on a daily basis. He/ She coordinates schedules and packet information for drivers. The Sleeper Team PT Sup responds to driver requests and adjusts driver schedules as needed.

Job Description: 

  • Reviews requests to accurately plan driver schedules.
  • Discusses needs with drivers to ensure they have sufficient information.
  • Communicate schedule changes to drivers and management
  • Communicate any potential issues with daily staffing to management
  • Order supplies for Feeders       
  • Communicate any essential documents to the drivers or management in regards to their safety.                                             
  • Organize documents daily that are essential to the driver to perform their job
  • Communicate with Penske about equipment needs and ensure they are compliant
  • Verbally communicates to the sleeper drivers about safety  
  • Reviews and analyzes data (e.g., volume, missed packages, delivery failures, etc.) to create plans maximizing Dispatch results.
  • Checks driver staffing reports weekly to assign an appropriate number of drivers for fulfilling transportation needs.
  • Completes volume reports to communicate projected transportation flows for the next shift.
  • Reviews drivers’ hours of service daily to ensure compliance with regulations (e.g. Department of Transportation, etc.).
  • Observes drivers to verify proper uniform is worn and UPS’s Safe Work Methods are utilized.
  • Reviews safety reports (e.g., Driver Vehicle Inspection Report [DVIR] Car Condition Report [CCR], and Powered Industrial Truck Operator Report [PITO]) to comply with regulations.

Required Skills:  Distinguishes between “big picture” concepts and comments and specialized, smaller specific facts associated with work; notes the specifics of events and experiences; explains, in general, how details impact end goals or outcomes; ensures that work is completed accurately and with the appropriate level of detail. Demonstrates a detailed understanding of processes, procedures and methods for ground transportation operations; demonstrates a broad knowledge of tools, equipment and technology used in ground transportation operations (HFCS/TFCS/IVIS Client); identifies root causes of recurring issues within ground transportation. Understands basic labor principles and practices; recognizes the importance of positive relationships with unionized employees; identifies unionized employees’ basic concerns. Has knowledge and experience of Local City Pickups. Must know how to track the on time network using IVIS client and HFCS.

Additional Skills:  Must be certified in HFCS, TFCS and IVIS Client. Must be able to work in outside conditions periodically and lift up to 70 pounds.

Interpersonal Skills:  Need to be able to effectively communicate verbally with customers and drivers. Need to have good listening skills. Need to be able to problem solve and make good decisions.

UPS is an equal opportunity employer. UPS does not discriminate on the basis of race/color/religion/sex/national origin/veteran/disability/age/sexual orientation/gender identity or any other characteristic protected by law
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