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Automotive Fleet Manager

KANSAS CITY Primary Location: 3800 KANSAS AVE , KANSAS CITY, KS - United States, 66106 Facility KANSAS CITY Job ID 270677

Job Summary 

The Automotive Fleet Manager is responsible for maintaining a safe, reliable, cost-efficient fleet for the district. He/she meets operational needs, oversees compliance with regulatory agencies, oversees preventive maintenance inspection, manages automotive assets, controls automotive costs, and manages and coaches employees. Automotive supervisors, specialists, management trainees and administrative assistants report to this position.  

The central priority of this position is the management and maintenance of the district’s automotive fleet and assets. To do this, the Automotive Fleet Manager analyzes vehicle breakdowns and service failures to develop action plans to reduce repeat incidents, reviews out-of-service vehicle reports to prioritize critical repairs, and performs Preventive Maintenance audits to evaluate mechanics’ adherence to UPS’s approved job methods. He/she also evaluates the fleet to recommend vehicles for removal, and coordinates and monitors the Vehicle Retirement Process, including vehicle destruction and documentation processing. Another important responsibility of this position is automotive, regulatory and environmental compliance and automotive safety. The Automotive Fleet Manager conducts safety, procedural, and environmental audits of automotive shops to identify non-compliance with UPS, local, state, and federal guidelines and regulations. He/she creates remedial action plans, and follows up with automotive staff to ensure resolution. This individual also conducts job hazard analysis and coordinates Legal, regulatory and safety related activities.

Other Duties

  • Ensure that supervisors and mechanics complete safety training
  • Conduct cost-benefit analysis to determine which vehicles require maintenance or disposal
  • Review spending trends, audit vendor repair invoices and conduct monthly audits of high-cost centers
  • Inspect accident sites and vehicles as needed to determine the cause of accidents
  • Maintain labor relations and address and resolve labor issues
  • Ensure staff development by coaching and providing feedback and verifying that employees have career goals and plans
  • Conduct performance evaluations and resolve individual and group performance issues
  • Identify opportunities for advancing skills and capabilities

Preferred Competencies

  • Applies financial knowledge in order to read and interpret financial statements, develop business cases using financial information (e.g. cost, revenue forecasts, etc.) and plan and effectively manage budgets
  • Applies legal, regulatory and safety compliance knowledge to reduce company risk
  • Applies knowledge of mechanical fundamentals, maintenance, diagnosis, and repair to vehicle or aircraft fleet operation
  • Applies an understanding of policies and procedures to situations and operations in a business area
  • Applies knowledge of company structure and operations to resolve problems, make decisions and achieve business objectives
  • Builds labor relations by interacting with labor officials and unionized employees, and addressing and resolving requests and situations
  • Coaches and develops others using career development processes and tools
  • Investigates incidents and responds to requests, problems, crises and critical situations. Identifies causes, documents findings, and determines responses/next steps
  • Manages equipment repair and oversees the correction of problems with tools, machinery and other standard technical equipment
  • Manages inspections of buildings, grounds, equipment, supplies, and/or compliance documents to ensure safety, regulatory compliance, prolonged service life, and appearance
  • Manages physical assets (e.g., machinery, vehicles, equipment, supplies). Evaluates, obtains and allocates physical asset resources, maximizes their use and projects future asset needs

Minimum Qualifications

  • Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification is preferred.
  • Experience using Microsoft office products or equivalent software is preferred.

UPS is an equal opportunity employer. UPS does not discriminate on the basis of race/color/religion/sex/national origin/veteran/disability/age/sexual orientation/gender identity or any other characteristic protected by law
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