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Specialist – Industrial Engineering

Primary Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng - ZA Job ID 053592 Zip Code 1619
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Job Summary

The Industrial Engineering (IE) Specialist is responsible for developing work measurement for use in improving package job set-ups and operational conditions that reduce cost and meet service commitments. He/She audits operating plans and procedure compliance; develops, implements, and assesses package operations’ long and short range operating plans based upon work measurement, and assists operators with implementations of improved operating plans, new services, improved procedures, and new technology. The IE Specialistprovides tools, training, methods certification, and assistance as needed to support the achievement of the business plan. They work with Division and Business Managers to identify and prioritize opportunities for operations and process improvements where key business plan objectives are not being met. The IE SpecialistInternational serves as the communications liaison with other functions and coordinates initiatives that impact package operations planning requirements. This position supervises IE Trainees and Interns.

Job Duties

Business process analysis

  • Performs work measurement analysis and job setups to maximize asset utilization.

  • Initiates and Drives improvement to business processes and job set-ups which reduce the hours required to perform the operation.

  • Reviews impact of changes in standards on business processes and jointly develop implementation plan together with the functional departments.

  • Develops and maintains work standards for processes to support all necessary operating plans

  • Analyzes current operating plan to determine opportunities for improving the process and workflow (e.g. analyze process flow charts and production schedules, etc.).

Operational Planning and Forecasting

  • Reviews and researches daily and weekly trends (e.g., historical volume, marketing forecasts, recent economic data, etc.), and develops volume projections for planning to forecast future resource needs.
  • Provides short-range staffing forecasts to assist managers and Human Resources in developing hiring plans.
  • Reviews and updates forecasts as required to maintain validity of forecasted projections (i.e., ensure measures are still relevant and conform to accepted IE principles) and adherence to Business Plan goals.
  • Works with various functions to develop all components of operating plans to improve efficiency.
  • Develops contingency plans for unexpected situations to ensure preparedness.

Provides Guidance and Support to Improve Operations

  • Works with functional managers to set operation processes and strategies for improving cost and service
  • Perform gap and statistical analysis identify issues and problems impacting the achievement of performance and service goals.
  • Identify improvement opportunities in current process and initiate change management principles to implement new processes
  • Consults with and guides division managers on desired action steps to improve operating results in all areas of the operation. 

Conducts Training for Operations Management

  • Identifies issues requiring training or re-training (e.g., Operating Plan execution, process adherence, proper methods, work measurement, use of technology, etc.) to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations.
  • Provides training to functions for implementation of new procedures, processes, services.

Conducts Operational Audits

  • Conducts audits as needed (e.g., Mileage, Plan Day, Volume Reporting, Timecard Accuracy, Operating Plan, PAS Telematics, etc.) to identify areas or processes that are out of compliance.
  • Monitors adhere processes to the operating plans and identify any areas out of compliance for review with the operations management.

Plant Engineering/ Facility management

  • Performs work measurement analysis and job setups to maximize asset utilization.
  • Monitors building and facilities planning to maximize space utilization and support revenue growth.

  • Perform analysis on building/equipment reliability and maintainability in the design of new or modified equipment and facilities

  • Supports Facility Maintenance and Housekeeping Operations
  • Supervises Small PE Projects

  • Assists with Maintaining Compliance

  • Provides Compliance Training with Guidance

  • Generate Feasibility reports for new facility projects

Job Specific Competencies & Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree – Required
  • Microsoft office –  VBA, SQL, Excel (Excel),
  • Business Systems Analysis (Advantageous)
  • Basic programming (Advantageous)
  • Creation of simulations (Advantageous)
  • Knowledge of Package business/Logistics (Advantageous)
  • South African residency is a must
  • Designs/Develops Integrated Solutions to Business Problems
  • Estimation and Forecasting Knowledge
  • Physical Assets Management
  • Work Methods, Processes, Flows Analysis
  • Experience Required – Minimum 5 years in the field of Industrial Engineering

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