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Excellence Center Team leader

Primary Location FROYENNES, Belgium, Job ID R22014785
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Job Description:

The Excellence center operator is responsible for retaining and developing the Access Point network. He/She uses available resources to learn the Access Point retail businesses, identify potential needs following the proximity satisfaction objectives, and proactively contacting potential Access Point individual contacts, including spontaneous candidate follow-up, to position UPS’s services. This position is responsible for prioritizing Access Point owners requests, focusing attention on quality of the Access Point in order to generate the best customer experience, creating contacts and implementing new Access Point contracts, monitoring scanning performance, and answering their questions.

A Team Leader oversees the Service Excellence Operators, and day-to-day operations, in all countries served by the Excellence Center. He provides effective guidance and motivates them to do their job efficiently. He provides objectives, can develop reward systems for productivity that motivate operators, and communicate any issues with upper management to reach business goals effectively.

The Excellence Center team leader  needs to work ideally from the office and will contribute, together with the manager, in achieving the results. He will:

  • Implement work methods that team members use to achieve a goal, delegate tasks based on each member’s strengths and skills and offer the training necessary to complete certain tasks.
  • Have the strategy being deployed and executed, evaluate the outcome and apply lessons from the experience to future situations
  • Generate alternative(s) to a challenging situation, and make sure issues are potentially addressed for further follow up and handling.
  • Act as a mentor, share opportunities and ideas to develop strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Monitor team performance, discover needs, and provide team or individualized coaching when needed.

Main Accountabilities & associated activities

The Service Excellence Team leader needs to feel at ease with the Excellence Center core activities described here below:

  • Sells the UPS Access Point services to individual retail owners.
  • Uses sales tools to research potential individual Access Point locations based on a geographical need as defined by the Proximity Satisfaction Index.
  • Calls Access Point contacts to identify their needs, sells additional capacity and new services, while further developing the relationship with Access Point contacts
  • Drives and controls the implementation of Access Point technology solutions/updates.
  • Be the subject matter expert for all UPS Access Point related business inquiries. Maintains up-to-date knowledge of UPS’s Access Point technology and services to implement solutions that meet customer needs.
  • Research competitor strategies, capabilities, and compensation patterns to identify ways to position UPS advantageously.
  • Uses knowledge of retail businesses to demonstrate how UPS Access Point services can help retailers achieve their business objectives. Increased foot traffic resulting in additional revenue generation.
  • Responds to Access Point contacts questions, complaints and inquiries. Maintains relationships with Access Point customers by assisting them and acting as their advocate in resolving service issues.
  • Educates Access Point contacts to use existing technologies and guides them to avoid future problems.
  • Liaises with cross-functional departments to effectively implement new contracts. (F&A, GBS, OPS)
  • Monitors & drives performance results for his/her Access Point locations, takes corrective action if required.
  • Uses the company systems and tools on a timely basis. Records and updates activity (e.g., call notes, system/technology updates, etc.) to ensure information and interactions are accurately documented.
  • Notifies the Operations Center of changes in Access Point status and/or business hours to appropriately schedule deliveries and pick-ups.

The Service Excellence Team leader is also responsible to:

  • Create an inspire team environment with an open communication culture
  • Monitor team performance and report on metrics
  • Listen to team members’ feedback, resolve or report to the manager any issues or conflicts
  • Recognize high performance and rewards accomplishments
  • Encourage creativity and risk-taking
  • Back up the manager et participate in any committee or meeting on his behalf.

Main Interfaces


  • Access Point Network Manager
  • Retail Account Manager
  • Local Country Operations
  • GBS Services
  • Marketing and Sales
  • IT Solutions


  • Individual Retail business contacts
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Large Retail chains
  • UPS customers and shippers

Key Performance Indicators

  • Scanning Performance / GBS Cases Frequency / Call reduction measurement from UAP
  • Contribution to specific initiatives supporting the asset light Access Point expansion
  • Churn reduction
  • PSI (Proximity Satisfaction Index)

Employee Type:

Fixed Term (Fixed Term)

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