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Chef d’équipe centre (H/F)

Primary Location: Echirolles, Rhones Alpes - FR Job ID 056247
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Position Summary
The team leader is in charge of an operational team. He or she supervises sorting operations, optimizing human and material resources.
He or she carries out all tasks in accordance with the company’s operating methods and Quality/Safety and Values Initiatives.
Depending on the size of the center and the department, the team leader might carry out all or some of the tasks listed below. For some positions, administrative tasks may play a more or less significant role.

Key Accountabilities
• Periodically evaluate all members of the team
• Supervise the team and assign tasks daily
• Organize, coordinate and monitor the team’s activity, while optimizing resources (human and technical)
• Lead and unite the team
• Communicate regularly with teams
• Take part in recruiting and training team members (train, monitor, support)
• Lead individual or group interviews or formal discussions
• Achieve the objectives determined in advance with the supervisor and monitor frequencies and performance indicators
• If applicable, justify and analyze the results of off-plan activity and implement action plans for the performance indicators in question
• Prepare work zones with suitable equipment in accordance with current rules
• Use loading plans to analyze load volume projections
• Ensure that the plan is applied and that resources are suitable according to the volume of activity
• Coordinate and collaborate with the feeder team leader to schedule sorting operations
• Prepare work zones with suitable equipment in accordance with current safety procedures
• Monitor sorting operations
• Lead daily communication among team members
• Monitor performance indicators for productivity, loading/unloading quality, sorting and scanning
• Monitor and enforce procedures for loading/unloading, sorting, and scanning.
• Check the status of outgoing shipments with the Feeder Department
• Regularly report back to the Supervisor
• Notify supervisors of any malfunctions or recurring problems
• Fill out the clearing plan
• Ensure compliance with quality standards and with rules for working conditions relating to health and safety in place within the company
• Play a role in preventing the risk of accidents in the workplace
• Carry out any one-time tasks assigned by the Supervisor

Other Job Requirements
• Knowledge of team management
• Technical knowledge and international transport stakeholder knowledge
• MS Office
• Working knowledge of English desired
• Other foreign language(s)
• Analytical thinking
• Approach and organization
• Responsiveness
• Perseverance
• Diligence
• Management of priorities
• Flexibility and adaptability
• Ability to work independently
• Versatility

Education and Work Experience
BAC (high school diploma) +2/3 logistics transport, management

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