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Area Sales Manager - Business Development, Small Package, India - Delhi

Primary Location: Delhi, Delhi - IN Job ID 056435 Zip Code 110020
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Job Summary:-

The Area Sales Manager (ASM) is responsible for volume and revenue growth for new and existing accounts within an assigned sales territory. He/She engages with sales team members to develop robust account strategies and to ensure effective application of sales and negotiation skills. This position drives results in key areas of the business plan, including profit, revenue growth, people development, and reporting. The ASM manages the Middle Market Senior Account Executives and Patch of Land Account Executives. 

Job Duties:-

Manages Account Executive Sales Performance:
  • Engages in formal and informal account strategy development with team members to build sales planning skills.
  • Provides behavior specific feedback to demonstrate the effective use of sales and negotiation skills.
  • Communicates market trends and competitor information to support the sales team in opportunity development.
  • Shares feedback on market issues with senior management to identify local volume development opportunities.
  • Discusses sales results with team members to create a comprehensive sales team action plan to measure improvement.
  • Trains Account Executives (AEs) and/or Inside Sales Representatives (ISRs) to review customer information and understand customers’ account status using the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application.
  • Monitors account performance information to track sales performance to objectives.
  • Reviews established sales metrics to assess individual and group performance.

Provides Feedback and Models the Way:

  • Performs pre-call sessions with sales team to review objectives and expectations for sales calls.
  • Reinforces the use of an established sales process to ensure the sales team effectively uncovers, qualifies, and engages with prospects to make the most of available opportunities and drive growth.
  • Role-plays tough customer situations with team members to help manage tension and develop negotiation skills.
  • Participates in customer meetings to present and review proposals with clients and position the value of solutions. 
  • Conducts post call reviews with sales team to discuss observations.
  • Develops joint action plans with sales team to improve performance in key areas. 
  • Trains the sales team on pull-through techniques for various products and services (e.g., small package, freight, etc.) to ensure successful penetration and execution of contracts.
  • Conducts customer calls to model sales techniques and share sales and negotiation expertise with the sales team.
  • Reviews plan versus actual to support sales team performance and create action plans to improve sales results. 

Drives Sales Growth:

  • Manages and communicates sales strategy initiatives to drive total revenue growth across all products and business units.
  • Monitors performance measurement tools to determine the achievement of sales goals. 
  • Monitors established sales reports to determine sales trends and identify opportunities for growth.
  • Uses performance quality measures to evaluate sales team and individual performance levels. 
  • Drives the business plan to support targeted sales opportunities, account penetration, and sales growth strategies. 

Provides Customer Support Internally/Externally:

  • Facilitates training for the sales team on new products and sales campaigns.
  • Shares information on sales solutions and best practices to help win new opportunities.
  • Participates in setting the departmental budget to ensure the guidelines are realistic and achievable.
  • Shares complex experiences with the operations teams to provide awareness on recurring customer issues.

Collaborates Across Functions:

  • Collaborates with cross-functional groups (e.g., Customer Solutions, Marketing, operations, etc.) to develop solutions for customers. 
  • Facilitates meetings with personnel (e.g., Business Center Managers, operations, billing, etc.) to determine corrective actions and resolutions to customers’ issues.
  • Participates on cross-functional committees (e.g., claims, damage reduction, etc.) to provide subject matter expertise. 

Manages and Develops Others:

  • Manages resources and people processes (e.g., Performance Management, Career Development, Training, Staffing, etc.) to ensure the day to day administration of processes and formal procedures.
  • Identifies individual and team skill gaps and developmental opportunities (e.g., training, special assignments, conferences, projects, etc.) to facilitate individual and team development. 
  • Ensures that direct and indirect reports have documented career goals and detailed plans for achieving these goals to develop them personally and professionally.
  • Conducts frequent performance evaluations in a consistent, fair, and objective manner to facilitate open communication and encourage continuous performance improvement. 
  • Holds others accountable to established performance levels to achieve individual and group goals.
  • Resolves individual and group performance issues in accordance with UPS’s policies and procedures in a timely manner to motivate and foster teamwork. 
  • Coaches others and provides on-going feedback and support to improve performance.
  • Identifies opportunities to involve others in new and challenging work assignments and/or rotations that advance the skills and capabilities of individuals and the organization. 
  • Makes salary recommendations to reward employee performance.

Education and Work Experience

·Bachelor’s Degree Required. Master’s preferred

·7-8 years of proven sales experience within the industry

·Applies Service, Product, and Customer Technology Knowledge

·Business, Financial, and Industry Knowledge

·Coaches Sales Team Members

·Conducts Competitive Analysis

·Conducts Customer Analysis

·Creates Account Strategies


·Solves Customer Problems

·Strategic Customer Partnerships

·Supply Chain Management

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