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Part Time Security Screener

Primary Location: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia - CA Job ID 057945 Zip Code B3B 1N9
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Job Description Summary:

The screener is responsible for ensuring all air-bound shipments are screened for clearance on UPS/International aircrafts. The screener reports directly to the Facility Security Coordinator (FSC).

Specific Job Duties:

DSA - Designated Screening Area

The screener must restrict access to the area other then authorized CSP personnel only. The screener must enforce proper ID, challenge and escort procedures at all times during the sort to ensure that the integrity of the DSA and the CSP are maintained. The screener must be in uniform at all times while working in the DSA.


After the screener completes the UPS required training the screener will now be in charge of identifying and controlling a possible threat in our UPS system (IED or IID). The screener will use a variety of tools and equipment like X-Ray and ETD machines to complete this task. This is their sole duty while they are at work.

Document Management

The screener must fully complete and secure all documentation until released to the FSC, these include but are not limited to various checklists for equipment maintenance and repair, pre and post sort checklists, alarm resolutions, calibrations, and any other documentation as described in the CSP MOP.


All equipment (X-Ray and ETD units) will be maintained and repaired as required to keep them fully operational and properly calibrated.  The screener is responsible to notify the FSC or local management of any equipment or system failures. The screener will make sure that the ETD table/work station is properly cleaned after each test to ensure the integrity of the test results.  The screener will keep accurate and complete alarm resolution records for every test and retained as required by the MOP. The screener will also manage symbol scanners that will identify and clear scan identified shipments to be processed through the DSA.


The screener is responsible to read, review and fully understand the entire CSP MOP. This information will be updated from time to time and the screener must always be fully knowledgeable on the most current update.  The screener will ensure that every aspect of the CSP program is followed in the Cargo Screening Facility (CSF) and that it is always in compliance and audit ready.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Willing to wear a uniform

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Familiar with MS Office applications
  • Ability to work with minimum supervision
  • Ability to multitask, and handle pressure
  • able to lift up to 70lbs

Preferred Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

    •    No Specific education or experience required

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