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NAD Automotive Supervisor

Primary Location: Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon - HK Job ID 060287
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Job Responsibilities: -

1.Audit Workshop/Storage room Appearance and Environmental / FacilitySafety Compliance.

a.Follow up Hazardous Communications Training GHS

b.Meet IRCR/TRBA Audit requirement

2.Audit Center Vehicle Appearance when visiting.

a.Check damage of paint and body

b.Check damage of Decals and vehicle marking

3.Audit/Review country's Fuel and Oil Reports.

a.Cross check fuel usage and mileage travel

b.Check Quantities and invoices

4.Audit Center CCR / DVIR accuracy.

a.Check driver defect report & signature

b.Check Center Auto follow up timely & signature

5.Audit Center PMI Reports and Check PMI date on-time compliance.

a.Follow corrected PMI K.M intervals Package cars, Trucks and Bikes

b.Actual PMI date not overdue or later than assigned intervals.

6.Audit Center Standard Parts Inventory.

a.Check control log to secure parts in & out

b.Check minimum quantity requires each item

7.Audit car wash tools, methods and performance.

a.Check correct tools and wash methods are using on in-source vendor

b.Review our-source vendor performance with Operation

8.Review Center Parts/Decals Requisition, submit decal/tools/parts orders.

a.Review Part # accuracy on requires parts & decals items

b.Forward and submit Requisitions to MDC for ordering

9.Review and follow up with Center Auto on Manufacturer's Notices and Campaigns

a.Service bulletin follow up

b.Campaign & re-call follow up

10.Review Vehicles Spec, Verify modification item requires on Car Order worksheet.

a.Verify if conversion / modification items are requires

b.Provide cost information

11.Review Vehicles Downtime, Breakdown Memos & Road calls update weekly's follow up with vendor/vehicle supplier if necessary.

a.Review vendor's PMI & Repair quality

b.Identify problem and action to be taken for improvement

12.Review Center Monthly Vehicles Appearance Assessment.

a.Review finding with Center auto & Operation supervisor

b.Identify problem & Schedule for action follow up

13.Review Country’s Monthly Maintenance & Fuel Cost Report.

a.Review top 10 highest vehicles if re-condition overhaul is required

b.Review fuel consumption, KM per Liter

14.Review Country’s Monthly Car Days per Road Calls Report.

a.Center Auto Performance indicator

b.Review Mechanical Road calls with Center Auto and maintenance vendors

15.Assist Center Auto for Vehicles Re-painting & Re-decaling.

a.Provide standard Brown/Grey color plate

b.Provide correct Decal Placement by vehicle types & sizes

16.Review/Submit Country’s ADA Candidates Report.

a.Review vehicles aged, repair cost, emission and safety if meet ADA's requirement

b.Forward ADA Candidates to Country/District IE for further follow up

17.Manages Automotive Disposal Authorization.

a.Submit ADA form to IE & Auto for review and approval.

b.Submit Auto approved VEM form to F&A to take out the asset from book

18.Vehicle Insurance and license renewal follow up

a.Center Auto in charge to work with F&A for insurance and license renewal

b.Review and make sure each on-road vehicles are applied correctly.

19.PMI & Running Repair VOC / Service Contract Sign-off and Renewal follow up.

a.Review PMI types, check items and intervals with costs involves in VOC

b.Review service hours, labor cost & parts cost charges per list in contract

20.Review Monthly PMI schedule and actual record.

a.Double check all schedule PMI vehicles has been arranged into the Roster

b.Verify PMI completed date as actual into the History & PMI records

21.PMI’s vendor performance review and election.

a.Based on VOC - Vendor's election guidelines once per year

b.Review PMI and Repair Quality, Cost charges and Serviceability

22.New Center Auto / Vendor’s Mechanics training.

a.UPS PMIs & Inspection Methods

b.Breakdown & Inspection reports, Quotations & Repair orders

23.Review/Submit BP Auto Staffing/CAPEX/Expense.

a.Review total fleet maintenance expense with Operation

b.Review vehicle purchase cost and update CAPEX

24.Be aware of local vehicle/traffic regulation react accordingly.

a.Verify Restriction on City entrance per vehicle tonnage and sizes

b.Verify latest emission requirement by using highest green vehicles EV or Euro 5 & 6

25.Review/Audit Motor Carrier Compliance on Risk Areas, maintain and communicate MOP and Vehicle Asset management on IE Assessment.

a.Provide guidelines with corrected procedures and MOP for Operation follow up

b.Pre-audit accuracy on documents, records and reports with Operation and IE

26.Review Monthly Auto expense Actual vs. Plan.

a.Total Maintenance cost less fuel, depreciation… Month & YTD

b.Review results with Operation for cost items not meet the plan

27.Collect EV & Alternative Fuel Vehicles from countries for Region review.

a.Study EV & AF models where market available in country

b.Study ahead if any Government's subsides /incentive can be applied

28.Review/Submit Country’s Annual ADA Candidates.

a.Review propose ADA vehicles with Centers

b.Work with Center Auto to complete ADA Candidates for Operation and IE review

c.Confirm ADA Candidate with country and submit to Region Auto manager

29.Review/Submit Country’s Car Order Report.

a.Review P types with unit purchase cost on summary of vehicle quotation worksheet

b.Operation forward ADA replacement & Growth numbers requires to country IE

c.Review Car Order from country IE as District's report, submit to Region Auto manager

30.Update District/Region Vehicle Capex.

a.No. of Car purchased with cost spent by country

b.No. of ADA performed from VEM pool by country

31.Review vehicle rental and transfer if required.

a.Daily rental & Long team lease by month by country

b.Review and approve ATA for vehicle transfer from center to center

32.Perform / Conducting Self-Audit on IRCR / TRBA.

a.Review Documents, Records and Reports to meet Audit requirement

b.Assist to perform Self-Audit with Operation

c.Provide correction / solutions corresponding to finding and Gap's

33.Perform / Conducting Self-Audit on IE Assessment.

a.Review with Operation and IE on Vehicle Asset Management section

b.Review Documents, Records and Reports for all Audit items

c.Verify applicable and inapplicable items

d.Provide Strengths and Challenges as results for Vehicle Asset Management

Requirements: -
  • Equivalent of College/University graduation.
  • Vocational school certificate for 3 years of automotive related studies.
  • Practical experience of hands on training or apprentice type role with commercial fleet for minimum of 3 years.
  • Additional 3 years commercial fleet experience as a technician and or as a supervisor/manager
  • Certification or license to meet any locally or nationally required standard for technicians
  • Industrial Engineering background or Vehicle maintenance & management experiences preferred.
  • Driver’s license: light truck required, heavy truck preferred
  • English language skills.
  • Computer skills (Word, Excel, Outlook)
  • Ability to travel and be away from home

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