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PM Ramp Agent (Part Time)

Primary Location: Calgary, Alberta - CA Job ID 056364 Zip Code T2E8Z9
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Ramp agents are responsible for the safe loading and unloading procedures of air cans from UPS planes. This is done using specialized equipment. The selected candidates must have the ability to lift up to 70 lbs while working in a fast paced environment.  Warehouse experience is not a requirement of UPS but it is an asset, therefore it is a preferred skill when selecting potential candidates.  The temperature in the warehouse at UPS changes dramatically with the weather, therefore it is important to know that in the summer months the warehouse can be very hot and in the winter months it can be very cold.  Also, working the ramp position, each candidate will have to be adaptable to the weather conditions outdoors as that is where most of their shift is spent.  It is crucial to dress appropriately as the weather permits, this includes wearing a sturdy leather work shoe with non-slip rubber soles.

This is a permanent part-time position so the qualified candidate will be able to work Monday - Friday with start times starting at 3:30 pm and spanning 3-5 hours daily.

The successful candidate must also be able to stay for five hours from their start time should the need and volume dictate that the employee stay longer than their three hour shift.

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