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Market Analysis and Customer Profitability Supervisor (Based in Suanluang)

Primary Location: Bangkok, Bangkok - TH Job ID 058601 Zip Code 10250
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Job Summary
The Market Analysis and Customer Profitability Analyst directly supports district revenue and profit growth by focusing analysis and action in the three areas of Customer Profitability Management (CPM), Micro Market Analysis and Business Planning.

The CPM program requires the analyst to conduct prioritization analyses to :

Customer Profitability Management

  • Identify customers that are highly profitable to the district or significantly below their planned contribution.
  • Monitors the revenue and profit from newly signed conversion and penetration customers on non-standard incentive structures to monitor their actual revenue and profit for a period of 6 months after the effective date of the pricing agreement.
  • Leads an investigation, supported by sales, finance and industrial engineering as needed, to determine root causes of each customer situation and facilitate the development of customer specific action plans.
  • The analyst then supports action plan implementation and tracks the results of each plan.

Micro Market Analysis

  • Conducts micro market analysis utilizing standardized analytical approaches, data and tools to provide detailed insights to the segment marketing team for opportunity identification and targeting.
  • These insights will include, but not be limited to opportunity sizing by industry and geography, and UPS’ relative position within priority segments.

Business Planning

  • In support of the Business Planning Process, the analyst provides detail on material changes impacting the district’s revenue base (e.g., customers moving into our out of the district or key wins and losses) as well as periodic updates to the marketing team and BPU (Business Planning Unit). 
  • The analyst is then responsible for understanding the revenue plan and communicating it to the marketing team, the district BPU and the sales team as they establish revenue goals for each sales person in accordance to the planning assumptions.

Conducts Customer Profitability Management 

  • Utilizes standardized information sources, tools and methods to prioritize customers.
  • Performs and documents root cause investigation of client characteristics versus plan to facilitate the development of action plans.
  • Investigates and documents account behavior to understand the nature of the UPS relationship relative to performance (e.g., economy, third-party billing, competitor is cherry picking, value UPS provides & identification of additional opportunities).
  • Leads the development of an account specific action plan utilizing the appropriate customer profitability management levers for each client situation to improve profitability.
  • Acts as a subject matter expert to sales personnel to support engagement with customers, particularly in modifications to action plans resulting from customer negotiations.

Conduct Micro Market Analysis

  • Conducts detailed analysis of the district’s current and potential revenue and profit within the industry or segment to inform the identification and targeting of opportunities.
  • Determines gaps in funnel relative to segment potential to identify and prioritize opportunities.
  • Geographically maps and quantifies pockets of industry concentration and economic growth potential to inform prioritization of opportunities.
  • Provides prioritized lead lists to focus efforts on selected opportunities.

Conduct Business Planning

  • Identifies and tracks material events impacting the district’s revenue planning base throughout the year and communicates to the corporate planning team to support the annual business planning process.
  • Acts as the point of contact for the District planning team to facilitate communication.
  • Develops detailed understanding of the business plan and its components to serve as a subject matter expert.
  • Develops final communication of the business plan for review with district marketing and BPU.
  • Supports sales operations as a subject matter expert, specifically as it relates to sales plan allocation to meet business plan objectives.

Performs Diagnostic Analysis, Monitors & Improves Opportunity ID

  • Utilizes standardized reports to identify and track key performance indicators across customer profitability management program, micro-market analysis and the business plan.
  • Identifies gaps in plan performance to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Monitors success of lead lists to inform appropriate adjustments to future lists.
  • Examines reports for improvement opportunities and communicates recommendations to manager for standardized report modification.

Job Requirements
  • Degree/Masters in Finance or Marketing or equivalent
  • 2-3 years relevant experience.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills at all levels.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Applications
  • Good communication skills needed to communicate with people from all levels especially higher management
  • Versatile with good analytical skills
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