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The Resources To Innovate

With our commitment to making a significant investment in technology initiatives each year, the scale of technology at UPS allows you to dream big and realize bigger.


Today, ORION can solve an individual route in seconds and is constantly running in the background evaluating routes before drivers can even leave the facility. This level of route evaluation conducted through the ORION program requires extensive hardware and architectural provisions. Running on a bank of servers in Mahwah, New Jersey, ORION is constantly evaluating the best way for a route to run based on real-time information. While most of America is sleeping, ORION is solving tens of thousands of route optimizations per minute.

Artificial Intelligence

UPS has launched a beta version of a chatbot, an artificial intelligence-enabled platform that mimics human conversation to help users easily find UPS’ locations, get shipping rates and track packages. Elements of artificial intelligence are becoming a bigger part of various UPS technologies. For example, our new virtual assistant on uses natural language understanding to help customers track packages. The assistant becomes skilled at its tasks as more people ask it questions.

Drone Delivery

Our focus is on real-world applications that benefit our customers. Drones offer a great solution to deliver to hard-to-reach locations in urgent situations where other modes of transportation are not readily available. Innovation through automation and robotics has long been a focus for the world’s largest package delivery company. In fact, UPS has been testing drones in warehouses to check high storage racks to confirm stock or available space. We’re also exploring the use of drones to deliver humanitarian aid in hard-to-reach parts of the world.

UPS Access points

UPS Access Point locations are convenient places—such as The UPS Store®, neighborhood grocery stores, or other local businesses— that offer easy package drop-off and pickup. Our technology links Access Points into our network with information entered through UPS Mobile, My Choice and ORION software used by our drivers.

With over 8,100 UPS Access Point locations in the U.S., UPS now offers approximately 67 percent of consumers an alternative to home delivery within 3 miles of their residence. Our network of interconnected apps gives our customer maximum visibility and control over where and when they receive their packages.

UPS My Choice

UPS My Choice Members and Premium Members, receive delivery alerts for all eligible home deliveries. For those times when customers won't be home to greet their UPS driver, they can reschedule, redirect, or have their packages delivered The UPS Store® or to a UPS Access Point location.

Our technology allows for changes made on deliveries to be quick and convenient. Nearly 24 million U.S. consumers already use My Choice to plan their deliveries.

UPS Mobile

The UPS Mobile app allows users to track, ship, get a quote, or find a location. It is a one-stop app for any information a customer might need on their delivery. With a simple yet robust interface and My Choice integration, it serves as a convenient way to get the information they need, whenever or wherever they may need it. UPS Mobile is has been developed for both iOS and Android platforms.

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From cloud technology to network planning tools, telematics to encryption, we’re empowering our IT team with the latest tools to serve customers and drive our organization forward.

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No matter where you start at UPS, you’ll be encouraged to learn new skills and follow your interests. Find out more about how you can grow through in-house training, our online learning center, or education assistance for accredited degree programs.

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We offer summer internships to students in a wide variety of degree programs. Discover mentoring and learning opportunities that will put your career on the right track. And you can even extend your summer internship into a year-round co-op experience or a full-time role. Find out more about our opportunities for students and recent grads.

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Learn more about our locations to see where you can make tech breakthroughs.

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See how UPSers are doing more–including innovating in the skies to deliver lifesaving medicines.

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UPS Capital Data Engineer

  • Atlanta, Georgia
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Job Summary

The Data Engineer is responsible for the continued development and optimization of the company’s Data Lake and/or Customer Data Platform (CDP) to support data driven decision making within Marketing. The incumbent leads the collection, cleaning, and transformation of data from multiple channels into the Data Lake and/or Customer Data Platform in support of the segmentation, analytics, reporting, and activation needs of marketers. This position is responsible for cultivating new data sources and synthesizing them into the current data lake, enhancing the identity graph as they relate this data.

The Data Engineer is responsible for bringing the strategy and roadmap to life through data engineering and data activation processes, and oversees the delivery of high quality data to marketing stakeholders and data scientists. This role interacts regularly with IT on development of new ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) jobs, maintenance, and troubleshooting. The Data Engineer also provides key input in support of the overall marketing data architecture and ensures that quality performance data is captured, tools are developed to support performance reporting/audience insights mining.


  • Designs and develops ETL processes within CDP in support of the segmentation, analytics, and reporting needs of the business
  • Develops processes to clean and transform data into the processed data store within the CDP and build aggregated views in the analytical data store in support of reporting and business intelligence needs of Marketing stakeholders
  • Supports the Data Engineering Manager in creating reporting and data visualization dashboards 
  • Develops automated quality assurance processes to monitor quality of inbound data and ensure the continued accuracy of data processing within the platform
  • Plays a significant role as a contributor to projects involving marketing stakeholders, software vendors, IT, and data owners to specify and execute new data feeds into the CDP and/or Data Lake from internal repositories and marketing applications (web analytics, data warehouse, etc.)
  • Develops and manages data processing jobs to assign customers to marketing segments in the CDP using demographic data, behavioral data, and intent signals and works with data scientists to incorporate machine learning outcomes into the overall customer segmentation model


  • Possesses strong coding skills in SQL, Spark, R and Python
  • Demonstrates technical knowledge of Hadoop and Spark ecosystem, including Hive, Sqoop, and Oozie 
  • Possesses strong knowledge of data modeling principles and best practices in building analytics repositories in SQL and NoSQL environments
  • Experience with cloud computing in the Azure environment with Databricks and Data Factory, or similar technologies
  • Diagnoses and troubleshoots complex data quality issues 
  • Translates marketing stakeholder requirements into technical specifications and is familiar with documentation skills, and is organized 
  • Experience building and managing data pipelines and repositories in cloud environments such as Microsoft Azure
  • Experience in dashboard development (Power BI, Tableau)
  • Experience with Intermediate Operating System Fundamentals, Agile Development, Database Administration, Data Security and Data Analytics
  • Bachelor's degree (or internationally comparable) in Computer Science or related field/experience

UPS is an equal opportunity employer. UPS does not discriminate on the basis of race/color/religion/sex/national origin/veteran/disability/age/sexual orientation/gender identity or any other characteristic protected by law
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