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Small Business Senior Analyst

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The Senior Marketing Analyst of Small and Occasional Customer Marketing performs complex market research and data analysis to contribute to the development of audience marketing strategy and campaigns.  He/She develops, implements, tracks, evaluates, and optimizes marketing campaigns across varying digital channels.  This position recommends modifications for campaign improvements, runs tests, implements campaign elements, collaborates cross-functionally and monitors results.  He/She supervises the execution of campaigns and projects for timely delivery.  Additionally, this position is responsible for generating analyses for Ad Hoc requests and reporting, generating actionable insights and results to support Marketing strategies.

The Senior Marketing Analyst requires a range of technical and analytical skills to allow the candidate to effectively support the development of marketing campaigns. This position synthesizes, analyzes, manipulates and draws out compelling insights from large data sets to support the development of multi-channel marketing campaigns, and strategies for all levels of analysis from broad-based transaction insights to audience-specific digital behaviors. He/she has a strong understanding of data (internal and external), visualization tools, and programming language. Marketing-specific technology and analytic background (Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Target, and Marketo) is preferred.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Compiles and analyzes internal and external data sources to identify meaningful information on size of market, unique attributes of market segment, behavioral/engagement characteristics, and concerns which UPS can leverage in an efficient and timely manner
  • Assists in identifying new target segments based on industry trends to expand market share
  • Monitors and evaluates market, competitor, and environmental trends to adjust value propositions and marketing plans
  • Conducts complex research and analysis to understand the preferences, attitudes, and behaviors of customers and to compile information on target segments that can lead to profitable growth
  • Tracks overall audience performance (e.g., revenue, profit, return-on-investment, etc.) to measure the impact of targeting, marketing plans, and campaigns on audience performance
  • Develops concise and compelling documents and presentations to be reviewed with upper management
  • Designs marketing campaigns, including the stating of objectives, definition of target audience, value identification, tactics, channels, content, timeline, campaign flow and metrics to achieve the business plan
  • Participates in work sessions with the Channel, Content, and Analysis teams to determine the best placements and message platforms for achieving goals and obtaining desired return-on-investment
  • Identifies key learnings to leverage the adaptation of campaigns and to provide insight for campaign development
  • Manages components of projects (e.g., milestones, deliverables, dependencies, challenges, etc.) to ensure assigned campaign areas of responsibility are executed on time and within budget
  • Creates changes to self-services campaigns to improve campaign performance
  • Identifies, measures, and reports on the performance of campaigns to assess against goals and objectives

Knowledge and Skills

  • Ability to identify key information sources, assess information quality, audit own analyses, and understand and communicates limitations
  • Adept at thoroughly defining problems and structuring analytical paths to solving them
  • Selects efficient analytical approaches that fit the situation
  • Applies analytics and logic to select and recommend target segments
  • Able to create succinct, customer centric value statements focused on the most salient product/service benefits supported by solid customer insights
  • Develops project management plans and leads implementation for basic projects of short duration requiring limited coordination and resources
  • Supports initiatives with well-defined project needs and cross-functional roles/responsibilities throughout the project life cycle
  • Accurately reads and interprets financial reports and statements
  • Demonstrates an understanding of relevant financial measures, revenue and cost drivers
  • Applies financial analysis to recommend solutions that support business objectives
  • Demonstrates a basic knowledge of statistical terminology and understanding of analyses and/or tests (e.g. measures of central tendency, standard deviation, correlation, analysis of variance (ANOVA), simple linear regression, significance testing, etc.)
  • Ability to calculate basic statistics
  • Identifies the main message in documents
  • Demonstrates a basic understanding of the different digital channels available for communication
  • Experience demonstrating proficiency using Microsoft Access (e.g., create tables, append, update and delete queries, create cross-tab queries and macros)
  • Experience demonstrating proficiency using Microsoft Excel (e.g., Pivot tables, V-look ups, database creation/maintenance, etc.)
  • Experience using Power BI or other data visualization applications 
  • Experience in T-SQL, SQL, My SQL or other relational database management 
  • Knowledge/experience in digital marketing and campaign management technologies and capabilities - Preferred
  • Bachelor’s Degree (or internationally comparable degree) in Data Science, Marketing or Business - Preferred
  • Master’s Degree - Preferred

UPS is an equal opportunity employer. UPS does not discriminate on the basis of race/color/religion/sex/national origin/veteran/disability/age/sexual orientation/gender identity or any other characteristic protected by law
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