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Marketing Research Specialist

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The Marketing Research Specialist assists in managing all aspects of research projects, including budget planning, project design and implementation, sampling coordination, questionnaire/discussion guide development, data analysis/synthesis, and reporting. He/she interprets the research results to address key research objectives established by the project plan. The Marketing Research Specialist maintains working relationships with internal stakeholders and vendors and organizes work schedules to ensure achievement of research goals. He/she performs data analyses and communicates results to key stakeholders.

The Marketing Research Specialist gathers customer and/or third-party data from internal sources (e.g., Business Development, Marketing Research Department, Data Warehouse, etc.) for use in marketing research projects. He/She designs research questionnaires and discussion guides to ensure required data is captured. This position monitors production of data collection to ensure achievement of business goals, and to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget. The Marketing Research Specialist performs analyses using statistical software (e.g., Statistical Package for the Social Sciences / SPSS, Excel) to facilitate understanding and interpretation of data. He/She gathers and compiles relevant data for inclusion in PowerPoint presentations to explain or support findings and educate stakeholders.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Maintains/updates project tracking worksheets (i.e., budget, project status, etc.)
  • Maintains/updates knowledge management platform to ensure retention of key documents
  • Coordinates efforts of contracted research vendors and monitors progress of projects
  • Coordinates and leads smaller-scale / basic research projects being managed internally
  • Gathers, compiles, and sorts data to facilitate reporting and analysis
  • Assists in developing PowerPoint reports that highlight key research learnings
  • Reviews team member reports and provides specific / actionable feedback
  • Uses various communication tools (e.g., e-mail, voicemail, one-on-one sessions, group settings, formal and informal PowerPoint presentations, etc.) to share information with stakeholders and keep them informed
  • Evaluates and recommends customer contact approach to ensure effectiveness in assessing customer needs and appropriate scope
  • Develops and maintains an understanding of current market and industry practices to leverage existing knowledge and optimize development of customer analyses
  • Assists with Requests for Proposals to facilitate vendors’ understanding of UPS’s expected project deliverables
  • Gains access to in-house reporting tools (e.g., Business Information and Analysis [BIA], Data Warehouse [DWH], etc.) to facilitate the generation of reports
  • Formats databases to run queries and generate reports for inclusion in presentations

Knowledge and Skills

  • Ability to accurately use data/information to tell a clear, concise, and compelling story that enables stakeholders to make a more informed decision
  • Intellectually curious with an interest in what drives people’s perceptions, opinions, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors
  • Flexible thinking and problem solver who enables quick resolution to unique challenges
  • Attention to detail with a focus on high-quality output that ensures reporting accuracy
  • Deadline driven
  • Comfortable with both the art and science of marketing
  • Identifies key factors behind basic problems and establishes a path to solve them; proposes approaches to solve more complicated problems; investigates and diagnoses anomalies in routine business results
  • Familiar with common marketing research methods; develops sample lists for research projects, incorporating all defined research criteria; helps guide sample plan development based on knowledge of data available and/or restrictions; manages sample lists across projects to avoid respondent fatigue or annoyance; assists with analysis of results
  • Demonstrates an understanding of basic project planning processes, including planning action items, establishing deadlines, and allocating / aligning necessary resources
  • Demonstrates a basic knowledge of statistical terminology and understanding of analyses and/or tests (e.g. measures of central tendency, standard deviation, correlation, analysis of variance (ANOVA), simple linear regression, significance testing, etc.); displays the ability to calculate basic statistics (means, medians, etc.)
  • Experience using Microsoft Office products or equivalent software 
  • Experience using SPSS - Preferred

UPS is an equal opportunity employer. UPS does not discriminate on the basis of race/color/religion/sex/national origin/veteran/disability/age/sexual orientation/gender identity or any other characteristic protected by law
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