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Channel Marketing Specialist

UPS CORPORATE OFFICES Primary Location: ATLANTA, GA - United States Facility UPS CORPORATE OFFICES Job ID 191042 Zip Code 30326
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The Channel Marketing Specialist is responsible for supporting his/her marketing workgroup by developing and compiling standard and ad-hoc marketing reports. He/She integrates marketing data and information from multiple sources to report success and identify improvements of channel marketing programs promoting UPS products and services.

The Channel Marketing Specialist runs queries on data from UPS proprietary data sources (e.g., volume & revenue data, bid enrollments and activations, etc.) for summarization in standard reports. He/She obtains customer behavior data from external data sources as needed to facilitate analysis and reporting. This position works cross-functionally (e.g., Revenue Management/Pricing, Digital Communications, etc.) to gain access to other data sources. The Channel Marketing Specialist builds databases to manage data for new reports. He/She builds reports to efficiently and effectively summarize information, trends, and analyses using graphs, charts, and text. The Channel Marketing Specialist presents report findings internally to keep workgroups informed and up-to-date.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Understands and reviews multiple data sources to validate accuracy of data included in reports
  • Runs data analyses as required to compile standard reports
  • Performs data cleansing and transformation to facilitate analysis and reporting
  • Compiles and updates information in standard reports to distribute to stakeholders
  • Assists analyst in analyzing and interpreting information to respond to ad-hoc requests
  • Summarizes and communicates results and implications to initiators of requests
  • Documents reporting processes to facilitate development of standard reports
  • Inputs updated data and information to appropriate shared drives and databases that are accessed by relevant stakeholders
  • Interacts with external vendors to facilitate resolutions to customer situations

Knowledge and Skills

  • Applies Information Analysis & Solution Generation Knowledge: Familiar with primary information sources relevant to assigned area; utilizes computer-based analytical and information management tools in order to perform routine analysis; documents approach and findings; reviews results with others as appropriate
  • Applies Problem Definition & Structuring Knowledge: Identifies key factors behind basic problems and establish a path to solve them; proposes approaches to solve more complicated problems; investigates and diagnoses anomalies in routine business results
  • Conducts Customer Business Process Analysis: Familiar with the primary customer business processes in which UPS solutions are most frequently applied (e.g., order management, shipping, receiving, returns, accounts receivable and accounts payable); within area of responsibility, able to describe customer benefits through the application of UPS solutions
  • Develops Marketing Objectives and Strategies: Demonstrates understanding of the hierarchy, relationships, and required consistency between levels of objectives and strategies (corporate, marketing, and segment); identifies potential marketing objectives and strategies along with the rationale for each
  • Develops Situational Assessments: Demonstrates familiarity with the UPS market planning process; assembles and interprets components of the situational assessment; describes the primary experience levers that customers value within area of responsibility; accurately defines the various lifecycles stages of a UPS customer or prospect (e.g., conversion, penetration, retention, win-back) and company strategies targeted to each stage
  • Bachelor’s Degree (or internationally comparable degree) in Marketing or Statistics - Preferred
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Access and Power BI) - Preferred

UPS is an equal opportunity employer. UPS does not discriminate on the basis of race/color/religion/sex/national origin/veteran/disability/age/sexual orientation/gender identity or any other characteristic protected by law
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