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Center Clerk

Primary Location 4TH KM PEANIAS-MARKOPOULOU AVE, ATHENS, Greece , 19400 Job ID R24015920

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Job Description:

This position performs general office duties respective to the supported group, such as data manipulation, planning, package handling, shipping, auditing, inventory, customer support, operations support, etc. He/She performs other tasks as requested.

Main Tasks (directly related to Customer Experience):
1) Import Exception resolution
2) Handling of Missorted/Missrouted pkgs to Greece
3) Answering-Resolving back CSTC requests for all kind of exceptions
4) Co-operate with DI & Security Depts on lost pkg cases
5) Follow up on CSTC requests and interrurt scheduled PM RTS pkgs
6) Handling the PM exceptions follow up/resolution after driver's return.

Employee Type:


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