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Network Planning Supervisor


The Forwarding Planning Team provides global expense reduction, asset utilization, procurement support and planning strategy for Forwarding Products (IAF, Ocean, CBC and NAAF). This includes savings initiatives, including evaluation of alternative network routings, new network connections, and facility capabilities enhancements that improve financials and/or service; management of proof of concept, pilot testing, implementation and/or tracking of initiatives. The team supports growth initiatives, including Cross Border zone skipping and hub assignment analyses and other general support including network and financial analyses. The team also creates decision support tools: tools that help identify savings, develop and measure alternate flows, assist routing decisions, etc.

The Forwarding Planning Supervisor role supports parts or independently owns projects and initiatives based on the team needs. These include both long and short term projects. The Supervisor conducts alternative analysis and makes solution recommendations. He/She coordinates input and communication with stakeholders to ensure project goals meets stakeholder visions.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Supports projects that reduce costs, enhance the customer experience, increase revenue, and improve service in the Global Freight Forwarding networks
  • Conducts cost, volume, and transit analyses to recommend potential global and domestic network routing changes that can result in expense reduction or end-to-end service improvements
  • Manages proof of concept, pilot testing, implementation and/or tracking of initiatives/projects
  • Develops or improves existing decision support tools that are used globally to contribute to financial savings or service improvements
  • Develops processes for data mining that identify potential expense savings opportunities
  • Extracts and validates volume and schedules information from various sources
  • Analyzes large amounts of raw data and produce workable files that will be used in the modeling process
  • Prepares reports for senior level Transportation management for review
  • Serves as liaison for transportation data management to include data set validation, data repository visibility, and quality utilizing analytical tools (e.g., Excel, Access, SQL, PowerBI, Tableau)
  • Coordinates global projects with stakeholders, IE, and operations to ensure proper alignment of operational execution, systems/technology, and geographies for support of overall organizational goals
  • Maintains consistent and thorough communications with manager and other stakeholders
  • Collaborates with UPS stakeholders to troubleshoot system, operational, and service inefficiencies and to create planned solutions that result in improved network performance

Knowledge and Skills

  • Demonstrates a general understanding of ways to identify and measure the current needs of the customer or business; uses the business need to help define the project’s requirements
  • Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of structured query language (SQL) and database development; can build and manipulate SQL
  • Specifies facts, research, and perspectives necessary to make projections; analyzes statistics and qualitative information within specified parameters; researches trends and conditions used to make projections
  • Demonstrates understanding of implementation objectives, project plan, and one's role within a project; participates in the implementation of a project; provides timely, thorough, and concise updates for area of responsibility; identifies areas of risk and properly communicates them to the project manager
  • Demonstrates a basic knowledge of risk management fundamentals
  • Demonstrates a basic understanding of supply chain concepts; identifies issues within a supply chain
  • Recognizes the basic impact of technology on UPS business, services, and processes; identifies technological barriers in achieving desired objectives; maintains appropriate breadth and depth of technological knowledge for current work assignment
  • Describes the general impact of requirements, problems, or inefficiencies on other parts of the operation or processes; conducts basic analyses and identifies issues impacting the accuracy of data analysis
  • Uses basic engineering theories and principles; identifies findings from prior analyses and recommended solutions; identifies factors of production impacted by proposed changes

UPS is an equal opportunity employer. UPS does not discriminate on the basis of race/color/religion/sex/national origin/veteran/disability/age/sexual orientation/gender identity or any other characteristic protected by law
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