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How UPS is Building a Diverse Work Environment


When we think about building a diverse and inclusive work environment,  we extend beyond race, age and gender to include differences in ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, education, religion, physical ability, values, backgrounds and experiences. Our goal is always to create opportunities where everyone can fully participate in creating UPS’s business success.

We do this through initiatives like our Business Resource Groups (BRGs), which offer networking and learning opportunities outside of regular work teams, serve as an extension of our Diversity & Inclusion Strategy, and reflect our commitment to employee development and engagement. 

Our BRGs, Community Internship Program (CIP), Veterans Management Training Program, and our Corporate Diversity & Inclusion Council, all serve to empower our people and recognize each person for their distinctive skills, experiences and perspectives.

Do you have a unique background and a desire to join a diverse workforce? Join the UPS team.