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Taking on global challenges


Shipped What?

Supplies for food, shelter, medicine & more

Shipped Where?

Support for refugees across Europe

Shipped How?

On behalf of international aid organizations

When your work connects you with people all over the world, you gain a unique perspective on some of the most difficult global challenges—and how you can help. In response to the ongoing refugee crisis across Europe, UPS has provided more than $7 million in support since 2012, including significant funding, in-kind and volunteer support. Through the UPS Foundation and its partners, we facilitate shipments of vital relief supplies on behalf of UNHCR, World Food Programme, CARE, UNICEF, MedShare International, The Salvation Army and more. These shipments provided much-needed food, shelter, medicine and hygienic supplies to refugees and internally displaced people.

How will Future You make a positive impact on global issues?

Religious Accommodation Questions

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