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What is Global Business Services?

With over 14,000 staff worldwide and more than 325,000 customer interactions each day, Global Business Services (GBS) is at the heart of the UPS customer experience – both internally and externally.

GBS staffs service centers around the globe. Through these support sites GBS assists customers with any delivery, logistical, financial, technical, and internal human resources issues.

In addition, GBS manages all finance and accounting processes for the company, including payment of UPS bills, issuing of invoices, payroll, and expense account payments. All transacted while ensuring compliance across every operation and process.

As a trusted partner, GBS streamlines processes and develops new ones, directly impacting how UPS delivers services. We drive value by eliminating redundancies, improving efficiencies, and reducing costs. At their very core, GBS employees are true problem solvers.

Global Business Services Careers

  • Industrial Engineering
  • Human Resources
  • Data Analytics & Performance Measurement
  • Customer Experience
  • Financial Planning
  • F&A Systems
  • Customer and Accounting Support

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