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UPS Flightpath

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What is UPS FlightPath I all about?

UPS FlightPath I is intended to offer participants outlined paths to gain Part 135 flying experience at Ameriflight and accumulate the flight experience needed to proceed to UPS Airlines, a Part 121 certificated air carrier. This a yearlong full-time internship program.

By participating in Path I, UPS FlightPath Interns can take advantage of the unique hands-on experiences and develop highly desirable professional skills, all while working at a Part 121 cargo airline. UPS interns not only gain knowledge in their particular field, they also experience the culture that makes UPS home to some of the most sought after internship programs in the country. Interns gain experience in a business environment while UPS benefits from exposure to their diverse perspectives. Participants gain a multitude of skills that can transform them into accomplished pilots and aviation professionals while simultaneously impacting the airline’s operation. In the internship program, one will be engaged in challenging work in a supportive environment that assists in career development as a potential full-time aviation professional.

Individuals who successfully complete the internship program and are identified by UPS as eligible will work at Ameriflight as a pilot. Under the program, UPS actively mentors participating Ameriflight pilots. These pilots are encouraged to participate in UPS functions and learn from UPS Airlines’ flight-qualified management and chief pilots.

Ameriflight and UPS may offer employment to eligible pilots subject to their hiring needs, hiring standards and the program requirements.

Do I qualify for Flightpath I?

To qualify, you must have graduated within the previous 24 months, or currently enrolled as junior or senior in an undergraduate or graduate program, and have a 3.0 GPA or higher. You must also be a U.S. citizen or national of the U.S., an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence or an alien authorized to work in the U.S. for this employer. You will need to hold a Commercial Pilot Certificate with Multi-Engine and Instrument ratings, and ideally have experience in Microsoft Office, strong teamwork skills, and ability to work in fast-paced environment while managing multiple responsibilities.

When are applications open?

Application opportunities open intermittently throughout the year as positions become available. The application window is open for only a few weeks for any given opening(s).

Qualified candidates should sign up for job alerts to receive email notifications when a position opens. Simply provide your contact information, type “FlightPath” in the job category, and select a location (Louisville or Anchorage) to be notified when there is an opening.

What opportunities are present as a UPS FlightPath intern?

The hours are primarily Monday through Friday, 0800 – 1700 (8 a.m. – 5 p.m.) with occasional evenings and nights. Eleven of the 12 intern positions are located in Louisville, Kentucky (SDF), and the 12th is located in Anchorage, Alaska (ANC). The Anchorage intern will split responsibilities between the B747 office and the Chief Pilot’s office.

The UPS FlightPath internship position is a year-long, full-time opportunity. This position is offered intermittently throughout the year, and start times may be flexible.

Shared Responsibilities

• While each intern will have unique responsibilities within their assignment, all interns will share the following responsibilities and activities:

• Conduct Business Development tours of the Flight Training Center for current and prospective customers, including full motion simulator sessions.

• Attend career fairs, conferences, tours, and volunteer events.

• Assist Flight Operations during peak season and on an as needed basis.

Chief Pilot’s Office

• One intern is assigned to the Chief Pilot’s office in the Air Service Center in Louisville.

• Assist the System Chief Pilot and Assistant Chief Pilots (ACP) with day-to-day flight operations and interact with UPS flight crews and assets.

• Assist with the development, design and implementation of materials for the ACPs for better interaction and communications with flight crews.

• Design, develop and publish graphic and multi-media content to brief and inform current operational information with flight crews during communication meetings.

• Assist ACPs with crewmember accountability by monitoring various data streams and looking for trends potentially indicating the need for ACP follow-up.

• Assist with Community Connections and Business Development efforts for all 3,000+ UPS crewmembers.

• Will assist the SDF Chief Pilot with managing the new hire program, arranging all details for welcome dinners and volunteer activities.

• Assist with the recognition programs including retirements, service milestones and exceptional performance. Assists with tracking metrics for Aircrew Member of the Year, Community Service Award, and Aircrew Excellence.

• Assist management with military leave program, ensuring UPS continues to provide unparalleled support to our military members.

Fleet Management

• Four interns are assigned to the training office of their respective fleets, with the A300, B757/767 and MD-11 offices located in the Flight Training Center in Louisville and the B747 office in Anchorage.

• Assist with all aspects of producing and distributing all fleet training materials, presentations and classroom materials.

• Draw, design, develop and publish graphic and multimedia content used to train UPS flight crews.

• Assist with audits by gathering, analyzing and reporting data.

• Create fixed-base simulator lesson plans for training of UPS crewmembers and interact daily with instructors to ensure the highest quality of new training material.

Flight Operations Technical & Safety (FOTAS)

• Two interns are assigned to the Flight Operations Technical and Safety office in the Air Service Center in Louisville.

• Assist in developing, updating, formatting, printing and distributing gateway and airport information for Flight Operations.

• Organize, format and create presentations used to communicate various flight, operational and company information to crewmembers.

• Draw, design, develop and publish graphic and multimedia content used to train UPS flight crews.

• Communicate directly with crewmembers, management pilots and other UPS staff in order to gather or distribute airport, flight, gateway and operational information. Organize and compile the data for distribution through various channels.

• Analyzes reports ensuring currency and accuracy for various flight operations programs.

Program Development

• Two interns are assigned to the Program Development office in the Flight Training Center in Louisville.

• Assist with analyzing proposed training projects to determine the appropriate level of training required to transfer the skills and knowledge to the target audience.

• Organize studies and analyze training and operational data to test and support the proposed Instructional Situational Design (ISD) and validate the results.

• Assist in managing learning content and crewmember assignments using the company’s Learning Management System (LMS).

• Communicate with crewmembers to assist in troubleshooting technical issues, primarily on the EFK.

Quality Assurance

• Two interns are assigned to the Flight Standards Quality Assurance office in the Flight Training Center in Louisville.

• Their duties will vary depending on department needs at the time of their internship. Past duties have consisted of, but are not limited to:

• Assist with identifying opportunities for automation and implementing programming solutions to maximize the efficiency of current manual entries and quality assurance reports.

• Help the department analyze the effectiveness of training programs across fleets by creating training survey forms for crewmembers and instructors and maintaining dashboards.

• Upload and analyze data on events that occur on the flight line leading to operational impacts.

• Create and format quarterly QA newsletter to disseminate to instructors and evaluators.

• Maintain Intern SharePoint and UPS Jobs FlightPath website.

• Assist other departments as needed.

• Assist with organizing community service activities.

• Gain exposure to SharePoint and Microsoft Excel functions such as PowerPivot.

Airline Safety

• One intern is assigned to the Airline Safety Event Reporting (ASAP) team and Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA) Program offices in the Flight Training Center in Louisville.

• Assist the Airline Safety department in administration of ASAP, FOQA, and Airline Safety Event Reporting programs.

• Learn the Event and ASAP reporting system to assist in classification and assignment of reports submitted by crew members, maintenance, etc.

• Complete data requests for management and others and maximize efficiency by implementing solutions to automate current reports and processes.

• Review flight data with the FOQA Analyst and Gatekeepers.

• The intern will also be able to sit in on Safety Action Group (SAG), Data Analysis Group (DAG), Safety Action Forum (SAF) meetings, and Event Review Committees (ERC), which involves the FAA, Independent Pilots Association (IPA) and management.

• The Airline Safety intern will also assist with miscellaneous projects as needed.

What can I expect in fleet training?

Each intern is trained on a specific UPS fleet: the B747, B757/B767, A300 or MD-11. The training includes aircraft systems, cockpit flows/procedures, and simulator training sessions. Once training is complete, interns are assessed and then authorized to operate the full-motion simulators for their fleet and in support of customer tours and flight testing purposes.

Interns participate in the first phase of the training footprint that crewmembers complete on the way to becoming qualified on an aircraft. This gives interns a preview of UPS’s rigorous training environment and provides the opportunity to train alongside UPS pilots. By training in a specific fleet, interns will learn more about the UPS Flight Training Center as well as gain firsthand knowledge and experience on what it takes to be an airline pilot. With the exception of Fleet Management interns who train on the fleet of their respective offices, interns may train on any fleet (B747, B757/767, A300 or MD-11), but may be limited by class schedules and availability.

Interns will complete the knowledge phase of the training footprint, learning about aircraft systems and taking the exam at the end of the phase. The length of the class varies by fleet, but takes approximately 2-3 weeks to accomplish. Interns may progress further in the training footprint if scheduling permits, and participate in the procedures phase of training. This includes using the interactive touchscreen displays representative of the aircraft cockpit to learn about functionality as well as flows and procedures.

How do I build flight time/remain current during my internship?

In order to progress to Ameriflight following the conclusion of the internship, interns must receive recommendation from the UPS management team and meet Ameriflight’s minimum flight time requirements. Interns must have accumulated at least 500 hours of total flight time, in addition to other categorical hour requirements as outlined by Ameriflight. Most interns are Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) and instruct at local airports to build their time. While other interns have accumulated hours through aircraft ownership or club rentals, it is recommended a candidate possess a CFI certificate prior to beginning the internship as this is generally the fastest option to build hours.

It is the responsibility of the candidate to build their flight time outside of the internship. UPS is not responsible in funding nor providing flight hours, aircraft, or a flying job/flight students to interns. While the internship is a fulltime position, Supervisors understand building flight time is a critical component of the program and provide flexibility in one’s schedule to be able to successfully build the necessary flight time to qualify for the next step in the program.

What is the next step upon completion of the 12-month internship?

After successful completion of the internship program, candidates who receive a recommendation from their management team, and have at least 500 hours of total flight time (in addition to other categorical hour requirements outlined by Ameriflight), become eligible to move forward with Ameriflight. At Ameriflight, the largest Part 135 cargo airline in the nation, candidates receive additional training and exposure to the cargo world while accumulating valuable experience. Candidates also are paired with a UPS pilot to mentor them during their time at Ameriflight. After flying with Ameriflight for a minimum of 30 months after Operational Experience (OE), and successfully meeting the requirements set forth by UPS, interns are guaranteed an interview for a position as a First Officer at UPS Airlines (if hiring).

Ameriflight is an entirely separate entity from UPS and has the sole authority in deciding a candidate’s track. While candidates who have completed their internship assignment will remain in contact with UPS as they progress through the program, they are solely Ameriflight employees and no longer UPS employees. UPS does not assume responsibility for continued progression through the program during the time the candidate is an Ameriflight employee. As a result, the amount of time it takes to build flight experience to qualify for a First Officer interview with UPS may vary.

Does UPS provide housing and relocation assistance?

At this time, UPS does not offer housing and relocation assistance.

I have 500+ hours. Am I still eligible for Path I? Can I just go directly to Ameriflight?

Yes, you are still eligible for Path I and are encouraged to apply. However, you still must complete all of the program requirements, including the yearlong UPS internship. Path I does not offer the option to go directly to Ameriflight. You can elect to apply for a pilot position at Ameriflight (if hiring), but then become ineligible for Path I. Once at Ameriflight, you may still qualify for the FlightPath program through Path II, but must be selected by Ameriflight upon meeting qualifications.

Where can I find out more about Path II?

Additional information about Path II can be found at Ameriflight's website:

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