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Why UPS Expanding Its Global Services Is Helping Companies Deliver Quality Service


Did you know that UPS operates in over 220 countries around the world? As a worldwide company, we have seen many benefits from having locations across the globe – including global recognition and unique business knowledge. Our global footprint on the world has been our most effective growth engine to date. So, what exactly is the importance of global growth? Let’s find out!

Being a global company is a key factor to our future success and will allow us to continue expanding our business and service around the world. As a big player in many companies throughout the world, we have unique opportunities to help our multinational customers in a variety of ways. Whether it’s moving freight or helping them with their warehousing, they see us as one united and collaborative company that they can trust. Gaining the trust of our customers is not only something we value at UPS but also puts us in an ideal spot to continuing growing our global portfolio.

The benefits of working for a global company are immeasurable. As an employee with UPS, you can expect to learn how other countries operate, whether in terms of laws, business practices or even their unique culture. This type of learning helps our employees understand how to do business outside the U.S. and sets them up for future success.

"It also offered me the opportunity to embrace different cultures, meet different people, and learn how you do business outside the U.S. So it was good from a business acumen standpoint for me to be involved, and it helps me in my daily duties here at UPS today." – Myron Gray, President, U.S. Operations