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The best way to predict the future is to create it. Our future depends on our ability to identify, recruit and train quality college students of today for tomorrow's professional, technical and managerial jobs.

The UPS Internship and Co-op programs is an effective means of providing students with challenging jobs that will enhance their academic, technical and professional development, while providing UPS with skilled, employees through a combination of classroom theory and practical on-the-job experience. These programs serve to promote the community’s goal and UPS' goal of supporting higher education and developing business leaders.

UPS Engineers

Supporting, Optimizing, and Upgrading Our Operations Every Day:

  • Over 9.4 Mil. Customers
  • Over 103,000 Vehicles in Delivery Fleet
  • Over 7 Mil. UPS My Choice Members
  • Over 2,700 Operating Facilities Worldwide
  • Over 3,152 Alternative Fuel Vehicles
  • Over 47.5 Mil. Daily Online Tracking Requests

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